Synfig Studio UInX Redesign Index

[size=150]Our goals[/size]

0, Issues we want to address
1, Interactive devices’ spec
2, Our target user or audience
i, Synfig: character animation & animated graphic design
ii, User Scenarios


[size=150]Window System[/size]

0, Canvas Window
1, Layer Window
2, Parameters, Timetrack, Graphs Window
i, Parameter (Value) Widgets
ii, Parameter Filters

3, Tool Options Window

i, Tool Options Window : Creation Tools
ii, Tool Options Window : Transform Tools



0, Timebar on canvas window
i, XSheet Widget

1, Toolbox
1.1 Tools vs Layers
2, Param and Timetrack Panels
3, Preview Window
4, Single Window UI

i, Handling Multiple Documents/Canvases

5, Render
6, Preferences
7, Parameters Precision
8, “Shape” Meta-Layer
9, Make Gradient Easier to Apply onto Somthing & Combine Region and Outline
10, Some Ideas logged in SF IdeaTorrent
11, The quality preview system can be improved
12, Canvas Properties and Canvas Options Dialog

[size=150]The Components of Synfig Studio[/size]

0, The Layers
1, The Tools
2, The ValueNode
3, The Parameters

[size=150]Relevant Articles/Stuff[/size]

-2, Peter Sikking: Gimp Single Window Mode
-1, Peter Sikking: Users Vision Architects
0, JohnK: Previews Of Some Work I am Doing In Harmony
1, Nina Paley: Do you know where my Free vector animation software is?
2, Opportunity for revamping Synfig’s UI
3, openFrameworks & ofxTimeline
4, MyPaint UI Brainstorm
5, Pitivi Clutter based Timeline

0, Design Vs Development
1, Never Use a Warning When you Mean Undo
3, Usability in Free Software
4, UX is Not UI