UI redesign - params and timetrack panels

This mockup is just a start point. The details on this design and further improvement will be posted later …

Looks sweet!

Could you add a thicker line between params and timeline? - Since they are still two separate things where they both can scale horisontally I think this would make sense.

Hi jcome!
that mockup looks pretty well.
I have to mention though, that currently the waypoints are rendered ina Time track column but without any time cursor or keyframes or time bar rendering.

I would like to remind you the current things that are taking place at the timetrack panel:

  1. It displays the timebar with some key and mouse shortcuts (zoom in, out, displace time bar, etc.)
  2. It displays the keyframes (vertical dashed lines) and keyframe widgets (small vertical arrows) where some actions are taken with the mouse. When I implemented the keyframe widgets, I didn’t found a way to overlap the two widgets (keyframes and time bar) in the same area. I hope you find a way to do it.
  3. The scroll widget (horizontal) is connected to the one that is at the bottom of the cavasview window. I don’t know how would be implemented the two arrows you add at the start and end of the timebar to scroll it in time.
  4. I see some labels (or buttons) at the bottom of the panel for the commen actions. Remember that you should use the current actions to perform those ones. One minor thing: the waypoint actions (duplicate, jump to, edit, etc.) only perform the action to the one where the right click is performed, regardless the waypoints selected. So those actions do need one single waypoint. If I imagine the workflow to your muckup, If I need to click on a waypoint to select it and then go to the menu to perform the action, it is much quicker to directly do right click on the waypoint and then select the contextual menu applicable for that waypoint.
  5. There is a space below the small arrows in the timebar. It suggest to be able to drag a waypoint left or right of the first/last visible frame. That might not be good.

Thanks for listen!