Synfig Crashes when using Color Picker

I recently installed Synfig, however it crashes often. One consistent method of crashing is using the color picker. I am on Windows 10, with the newest version.

I tried to reproduce the crash with color picker on Windows 10, but I couldn’t.

Could you please describe the steps to it? Or make a screen record.

I know you said “the newest version”, but to check: 1.4.1 right?

(This video was recorded right after starting up synfig)

Oh and yes, the installer is for version 1.4.1

Ok. I can’t test an installed version, but portable version works ok. Could you test it?

The portable version does the same thing, for more information I’m running the 64 bit version, with a 64 bit windows.

Synfig 1.4.2 testing packages have been notified a moment ago over here Release version 1.4.2 · Issue #2148 · synfig/synfig · GitHub

Here’s the link for Windows 64-bit installer:

Can you check if this issue is reproducible for 1.4.2?

I still can’t reproduce it in 1.4.1 portable.

(and then I opened again when I saw I didn’t show the About dialog: )

So that is super strange. Where did you download Synfig from?

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I downloaded syfnig from

It still crashes upon using the color picker tool.

Like @rodolforg I can’t reproduce Synfig crashing on WINE too.

@huddybuddy321 Can you do the following:

  1. Browse to Synfig Studio’s bin directory
  2. Launch Command Prompt (it’ll be in File menu)
  3. Execute .\synfigstudio.exe
  4. Use the color picker normally until it crashes
  5. (Synfig crashed) Capture the command prompt output and upload here.

The final output might be informative (…or might not)

I just tried it here and it works fine :confused:

Sadly, on Windows, GUI apps does not have any stdout/stdin/cerr/cout/cin/cerr.
He should edit the .bat launch file in Notepad to launch with --console. He could do it by changing this line:
start “” “%~dp0\bin\synfigstudio.exe”
start “” “%~dp0\bin\synfigstudio.exe” --console

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<could be>
Also It could be an issue of capricious graphic driver, depending the format of pixel in memory where hovered.
Try to change settings like bits per pixels (16,24,32…) and change graphic acceleration of GFX card.
If possible upgrade your driver :stuck_out_tongue:
</could be>

I can reproduce the crash. Unfortunately, when I open a cmd, go to the studio directory, and enter “synfigstudio.exe --console”, then when the crash comes, the console window crashes together with the program so I don’t have a chance to read what it says.

On a pure hunch: Synfig used to be quite stable under Windows for a long time. Then suddenly, around version 1.2, lots of versions appeared that crashed all the time for the feeblest reasons, even for just pulling down a guideline. Version followed version but the Windows problem never improved. In all the cases, Synfig didn’t manage to write any “death message”, and it never had any autosave to show either.

If I remember correctly, it turned out at long last that the transition from gtk2 to gtk3 was responsible for the trouble. The Windows version of the new kit kept throwing unexpected exceptions from the bowels of its code; these exceptions weren’t handled within Synfig and made the whole program crash.

Then someone issued a huge monster change where he diligently and laboriously encapsuled each and every d*mn gtk3 call with a try clause, and Synfig returned to normal under Windows again. (This is more or less hearsay; I don’t know the details; I’m not part of the programming team.)

The current symptoms remind me very much of that flaky Windows situation.

Soooo, might it remoootely be possible that some code flow is still left somewhere that calls the colour picker and has not been protected by a try?

@huddybuddy321 @PeterGB do you use dual monitor setup? I read on Google search some people complaining on this case.

Yes, I use dual monitor. I’ll update you on if unplugging my second monitor fixes the issue.

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I uploaded my draft for a new Color Editor I mentioned on another post.
Could you try it and see if it crashes too? Here is my work-in-progress: WIP [Synfig Studio] new color editor by rodolforg · Pull Request #2095 · synfig/synfig · GitHub . Windows users can test by following these steps. PS: As I just uploaded the code, you may have to wait some minutes.

Hello again. Any news?

Sorry, I took a break. I can confirm, unplugging my second monitor does fix the issue.

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