Airplane in 3D

Hello all,
I am new here and during the last days I have worked on a little airplane that can be rotated around two axes (roll and yaw) and that is always shown in the right 3D view.
I thought this might be useful for others. Tell me if you want to know more details about how the animation works.


best regards
Flyer3D.sifz (2.67 KB)

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That’s absolutely cool!

very impressive. thanks for sharing!

How it works I think I understand from the param tree. I’m more interested in how you made the formulas up: reused any existing 2d project? very fond of trigonometry? got a wonderful math cheatsheet?

I ask simply because I like animating with formulas but am usually not knowledgeable enough to get the desired effect right. Any related kind of resource would be very welcome to me, following up on some earlier post at maths, conversions & geometric programming tutorial.

thanks again, and welcome to Synfig!

Hello Berteh,
I used three sources to find out the formulas :

  1. Wikipedia
  2. An old book about trigonometry
  3. The little rest that I remember from school

(I have uploaded a bycicle animation to your earlier post)

best regards

I have attached another type of airplane which only has a pitch and a roll angle that can be animated.
I hope it is useful for somebody.

Best regards
Flieger1.sifz (2.92 KB)

OMG! I am blown away. Is this the future of vector animation?! I would really love if you gave a detailed explanation of how this was done, or even made a tutorial about it. I am so fascinated right now. Thanks for doing great work.

Dear all,
there is an error in the mathematical functions of the airplanes that I have uploaded. :frowning: I found this out when I was working on a little tutorial.
I stopped the tutorial work and created a new airplane, now with the right functions (see attachement). Again, the airplane can be rotated by editing the pitch-, roll- and yaw-angle. Here is a little test animation:
I will resume my tutorial work but you have to give me some time.

Best regards
Biplane.sifz (8.71 KB)

This biplane looks fantastic!

Brilliant, thanks for sharing this too!

I’ll be waiting for your tutorial!

It also works with faces :smiley:


FaceTest.sifz (13.3 KB)

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Although I don’t like automatized characters, I’m totally shocked by the excellent results! Imagine that the creation can be done automatically based on the some face parameters!!



Nice work Wolfgang. It looks like the early pseudo 3d graphics can be applied to synfig.
Can you give some more informations about the maths.
This looks like a very good example of how we can add a minimal 3d support to synfig.
If we know the math we can try and create a blender plugin to export 3d objects to synfig.

Hahaha. Cute!

Pretty amazing job Wolfgang. Maybe people here would start making animations with it.

Hello everyone,
last year, I have started writing a little tutorial but untortunately it has never been finished… The main reason was that I have bought a little Raspberry Pi computer ( an I’m now trying to use it for controlling an autonomous flying model airplane. :mrgreen:
I now saw that there are some people waiting for more information about the 3D-animation so I have decided to post my work as it is.
There are 3 files attached:

3DTutorial.txt: A description of the mathematical basics
3DTutorialCoordinateSystem: A diagram the makes the formulas easier to understand (I hope)
3DTutorial.sifz: A basic animation with one face that can be rotated.

@haramanai: a blender plugin would be great!

Best regards
3DTutorial.sifz (1.12 KB)
3DTutorialCoordinateSystem.sifz (3.37 KB)
3DTutorial.txt (5.09 KB)

Fantastic work…!
The matrix formula remember me the school time, when i was trying to implement a little c/asm 3d engine :wink:

If you can put it on the wiki/advanced tutorial, could be fantastic² …