maths, conversions & geometric programming tutorial


I just discovered Synfig, and must now face my forgetting of maths… applied to understanding the available conversions types. Guess it was too long ago :confused:

I’d like to compile a set of examples/how-tos explaining & illustrating these conversions, interesting uses in drawing & animating, and optionally nice geometric programming examples (e.g. cyclic functions).

Therefore 2 questions:

  • do you think such a page would be useful?
  • could you please post here any relevant source that I could exploit?
    (including “math” links, existing pictures/animations/videos illustrating some conversion, notable functions…)

If you want to join the trip feel free, and any idea/suggestion is welcome.

A few pointers I had in mind: … ectors.htm … otion.html … ation.html … gonometry/ … s/vectors/ … -1950.html

more difficult, must check synfig support though: … q=&f=false

I definitely think it would be useful for someone so please go ahead.

You could either do it as pages in the wiki-manual or create tutorials for it. Check the documentation at I think the best way to find Synfig resources on this would be to browse the manual.

I understand your feeling of forgetting maths. I’d love it if you could make some graphic examples of conversion types, especially anything that expains their practical use. Mostly I leave them alone cause I can’t be bothered figuring them out, which means I’m missing out on a lot of what synfig can do
Et si tu veux, je peux traduire… j’suis allé à une école français quand j’étais ptit, alors j’ai appris les maths en deux langues (mais comme j’ai dit, je rapelle rien )

Weird. I though I replied this thread. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Ok, anyway the short answer: Cool! :wink:

Here are some of my past stuff on the same subject:

Also worth to visit:

My main advise is to use the wiki as the main place to store/share the tutorials.

Good luck and welcome!

Hi there.
Is there any progress with animating physical processes?

Im quite new here and do not have any experience with animation. Im lecturer and trying to animate some technologival processes (for example bevel gears cutting). Geometric programming tutorial seems interesting for me. Especially animating bitmap objects rotating along circle or any other trajectory.
However last links do not work…

I’ve updated the wiki links.

Hello berteh,
I did a bycicle animation. It required a horrible mathematical function, but now it works.
Copy all the files into one folder an then open the animation.


best regards
Wolfgang (324 KB)

Thanks Wolfgang for the nice result & function!

For future readers: be sure to have a look at this nice 3D plane using the same principle: Airplane in 3D