Particle collision in a box


Before I try to work and spend time on that, I would like to know if it is possible on synfig to create particles contained in box, with collisions whenever they encounter one side of the box.

From what I have read, it should be doable, even though complicated in a 2D model (@BobSynfig), but I am still not sure it will work.

Thank for your help !

Everything is possible, but you will have to calculate yourself incidence angles, speed, quantity of movement…
Or you can ask the help of @Svarov who is a masochist of calculation :wink:

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I think you confused me with Genete, it’s an honor though :blush:
But yeah, I am not good with complex math, I can automate some simple things using converters but that’s it.

It sure is doable. Heck, you can make a fricking particle system in Synfig, but it does require good knowledge in math and in Synfig converters.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who could have helped you are no longer here (by here I mean on the forum of course), so you are basically on your own. Here’s a bunch of interesting links though:

  • - Description of all Synfig converters plus parabolic shot example (will someone fix broken appearance of math functions in parabolic example?)
  • Airplane in 3D - Semi-3D airplane. Good example of using matrix rotation.
  • - You can implement a particles system solely in Synfig. This is the most complex thing I’ve seen done using Synfig converters.

So if you have time, check it out. Potential is great, but lack of documentation and actual people who still use these advanced techniques is saddening.


Nah: You’re great! You made this and you’re still here in the forums :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer @Svarov ! I have just discovered the airplane file, it’s pretty cool indeed !
I will try to understand now some parts of the particle file, so…see you in 6 months, if everything goes well :grinning: