Work Items Restructuring Project


Does that mean that I can start to translate them?
I think it would be great to offer the basic tutorials translated before the advanced ones.


Please wait when I finish with screenshots. Something can change.


Did some bookkeeping…
sorry a bit late, has been a busy week.

Do we have native speaker willing to volunteer?
We need people picking up the “e” part of the work!
“e” means: “proofread(native speaker)”

Zelgadis, you wanted to merge QuickOverview and Interface into one chapter.
Is that still valid?

A copy from first post, just as a reminder:

edit: removed “Quick Overview/Interface” see Zelgadis’ post below…


Yes. But as I mentioned here, “I don’t see any reason to work on them now”. My point was to “replace last one (Quick Overview/Interface) with Flower Animation Tutorial. Because Quick Overview/Interface is the start of “new saga” - detailed description of synfig’s components. Flower Animation is advanced tutorial, more complex than “Animation basics” and it’s good conclusion for “Adding Layers” and “Creating shapes” chapters.”

I plan to release Getting Started, Animation Basics, Adding Layers, Creating Shapes, Flower Animation with the 0.62.01. The text is ready, I need to finish with screenshots. If “Overview” and “Installation” will be released - we include them too.


Ok, then I’ll remove those from the “todo” list and concentrate on finishing the two I took…
Have you been working with the RC, or how have you been checking vs. 0.62.01?

BTW: what is the new name of the “normal tool”?


I’m checking against the latest commit in git repo. Yes, probably it’s closer to 0.62.01 than RC.
Normal Tool is called Transform Tool now.


OK, I’m finished with screenshots for “Adding Layers”, “Creating Shapes” and “Flower Animation”. Now “Diving In” is ready for publishing. I’m plan to print, proofread it and then post first pdf here.

EDIT: Note to myself - don’t forget to upload sources for screenshots…


Hi there,
I’d say I have a first version of “Introduction” ready for the first proof readers.

It’s without pictures today: do we need any? maybe Synfig logo… or so?

Zelgadis, I reworked the “What is Animation?” part after reading your emails again. (for all the others: see discussion page for a excerpt of Zelgadis’ an my email discussion)

All: please use discussion page for comments.

One more: please keep in mind that 2D animation newbies are the target audience. Some areas have to be a bit generic, so please look at the overall message… (e.g. I know that we can do some limited editing etc.)

Another one for all the senior staff: please check the “… And When Do I Use Synfig?” ok for you as a general message?



Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Here’s first pdf export try:
Looks kinda ugly. I should tweak templates…


We should agree on how we want to go forward…

every responsible person (“lead”) has to work through all remarks in “discussion page” and do the changes or at least leave comments on why ideas/wishes/changes will not be done. If we have all those done, then we can remove the done /strike thru items and finish the work.

I would love to have a live discussion as final step in jabber room #synfig to release each of the chapters with all people contributing & interested in doc.

OPen today: Any ideas on who will be able to help proofreading?


Ideally, next Wednesday at 16:30 GMT+1 is the perfect hour and date for me. Zelgadis, Oho, Pixelgeek and others, Is it ok for you?
If nikitakit changes are fine (I’m sure they are) I plan to release third candidate which will be 99.9% close to the final release.


just curious… next Wednesday is that May 19th? Or did you mean next week’s wednesday?
I think this week would be too close for a final call, but maybe a 1st working session would be ok.

Oh and btw: Wednesdays are kind of busy for me, so on both I could only participate a short time…
Maybe a doodle for finding the right time is a good idea?


Yes I’m talking about next Wednesday. Anyway my release plan still going on.

Sure!. Please agree a date and I’ll try to join it.


I think that would be 7:30 am for me - I might be able to join for a bit, but would have to run off to work soon after.



I could only join for 15 mins. Then I need to run, sorry…
but as time is too short for a doodle before, let’s do it and at least decide about next steps…

So that is:
meeting at #synfig room
16:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time, I guess that is what Genete meant w/ GMT+1, because of daylight savings time it is actually GMT+2)

cu there


If the window time is so narrow for you Oliver and considering pixelgeek is in a hurry too, maybe it is better to just join on wednesday to agree what we should discuss in the next one and when is the best day. I guess that weekend is a good moment for all of us.


Fine with me… this week is just packed, much better to move to the weekend or next week…


Why jabber? We have an IRC channel… Anyway, will appear in both places.


Aghhh, sorry, meant IRC channel!!! Zelgadis thx, please send all Jabberers to IRC channel…


I did proofread Getting Started… so fine by me.

This lead me, unfortunately to make a major change in the text flow moving the “first step” title a bit below, making a new technical section (named “under the hood”) explicit instead of hidden in first step.

If this kind of “major” modification is better left for later please tell me for me not to mess with pages marked “up to date”! the content was already there… but it just felt wrong to get internal layers info when expecting “first steps”.