Work Items Restructuring Project


Ok. I can start with 6a-d.

There’s going to be overlap with Interface (7,8) and Getting Started (3). Should we make Interface (7,8) more detailed. It seems the beginner should be able to get started with what will be in Getting Started.


I would drop e) until we have settled down the English version.



I like the idea.

Few notes:

From my point of view b) and d) are about the same. Am I wrong?

I’m still insist to merge “Quick Overview” and “Interface”. Also I don’t see any reason to work on them now. I would better add the “Flower animation” tutorial ( as a final part of “Diving In” section.

It’s ok if “Interface” will overlap with “Getting Started”. We will have some overlaps in whole manual to allow user to learn it in the order he likes. But you right, overlaps should not be too huge - we should make “Interface” more detailed.

Also, I saw you did extended screenshot for Interface - it looks good. Please notice, that if you have new version of screenshot, then no need to create “Interface2.png”. Please upload it right on top of “Interface.png”. Mediawiki will keep old version automatically. I’ve fixed it, that’s how it looks like:

Please provide source for it - so others can fix few issues without redoing it from scratch. Source should be uploaded on the wiki with the same name as the screenshot file.


d) is just the check when we have a 0.62.01 release candidate: “is it still ok?” … fixing things like the rename from “Normal Tool” to the new name… and the new “manipulate all” (or whatever name it will get) tool.

Well, that’s perfectly ok, I just copied the chapter index as is…
So we would then merge Quick Overview and Interface into just one.


late answer, I know… I meant: proofread the english version by a native speaker…


late answer, sorry…

Thx, I’ll assign that to you. Why not 6e?

I see what you mean. I don’t know. For now I would still keep interface(7,8). Let’s see what we have when we work over it.

Zelgadis, your comment?


I can do 6e - well, a many of the 200 pages as I can. Some bits are worse than others.



Thx pixelgeek…


OK, got it. :slight_smile:


See my previous post. ~_^


I can also work on Adding Layers.


Thx. I added you for “Adding Layers” a,b,c,d.


I’ve finished tidying up “Adding Layers” and “Creating Shapes” and would like some eyes to take a quick look and give any suggestions. Some notes:

Note: screenshots have not been added or updated yet in many parts.


Thank you!
I do currently work on the Introduction (new page).
I’ll have a look at “your” chapters Monday or Tuesday…

Take care.

PS.: Do you need help with the screenshots or is that just the next step?


I’ll take “Getting Started” and “Animation Basics” - a,b,d if no one objects.


@ Zelgadis… objections? Are you kidding?

Thx for taking this.
I’ll do the bookkeeping in the 1st post of this thread…


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi! I have reviewed both pages and have significant notes about “Creating Shapes”. Please take a look at the Talk page.


I have finished “Getting Started” and “Animation Basics” for a,b,c,d.

I think #12 “Adding Layers” a,b,d can be marked as finished too.

My next work item is “Flower Animation” a,b,c,d.


Wow… Thx.
again: I’ll do the bookkeeping…:slight_smile:


“Flower Animation” and “Creating Shapes” a,b,d are done too…

Starting to work on “Flower Animation” and “Creating Shapes” - c (screenshots).