Work Items Restructuring Project


please, before any release, at least

  • fix the {{Note}} result, eg on page 4. It should display tiny and be boxed if possible… or forbid its usage in the wiki.
  • make linked words link to the wiki (for now the target is… I guess a regexp replace on the OOo XML should work, as a quick fix.

and if you have some more time

  • reduce images sizes (50% by default should be ok)
  • make links work within the document (need to add anchors and more)
  • add synfig logo to title page & link to wiki in the “publication date & software version”

You want help with a tweaked OOo template?


I’m willing to proofread other pages if needed… but please first tell me if this allows for fixing “major” issues, or only spelling/grammar check.


Step “e” means mainly proofread as in spellchecking etc.
native speakers preferred…

But we love to have more people proofread from a content point of view as well. Feel free to do so.
Non obvious changes should be left on the discussion page first. We will ask the one that accepted responsibility for the respective chapter to read and agree or comment / discuss before we make more changes.

The process is: All comments on the discussion pages should be discusssed (accepted/if ever possible done and/or rejected) before we release the offline doc and before well call the defined set of entry doc ready for use.

Finally it is a Wiki, so constant changes are ok, but we found the whole doc to be outdated in most of the parts unfortunately and now we try to organize that we get an up-to-date Doc asap. So we are using kind of a process while on the other side we are not having constant changes… as long as we are partially successful, we’re happy, I guess.

more background:
Genete is also planning to release 0.62.01 after the beginners’ doc is ready.
We want to make some “marketing noise” with 0.62.01, expecting some first time users by then…



I think your changes are fine. Thanks!

I have concluded that the current PDF export implementation have some limitations.For example, it’s not allows to insert page breaks, not allows to control image flow and it’s hard to control special markup for “wiki” -> “html” -> “openoffice html parser” conversion. I’m going to try different approach based on python parser -


OK, here’s as promised “Introduction” part:

Sorry, I’ve end up with almost complete rewrite. ^_^’’


how is the status of the project now? (Since it has released version 0.62.01)


I’m currently investigating better ways to export into PDF.


So, the “diving in” section and the introduction one are ready to be translated?


Sorry guys, I need a bit more time, will update status and summarize work done /todo next week, very busy this week.


Latest news.

I’ve tried wiki->pdf export using PdfWriter extension which relies on python’s mwlib.rl library. No luck - it requires rewriting used parserfunction in python - I doubt I will be able to rewrite DPL.

So I have end up with wiki->LaTeX-> pdf solution. Here’s first results I’ve got so far: … tarted.pdf

Althrough it looks not that good like previous wiki->html->openoffice->pdf approach, those results are very promising, because looks like LaTeX is the only solution which wraps images and “Note” frames in pages very well. There’s still a lot of things to tune, though. Back to work.



This can be useful? … book/8326/


ever had a look at ?
seems about right to me.


Yes, this export method relies on python’s mwlib.rl library. It is possible to set up own server or use server offered by PediaPress. In both cases there’s no support for templates specific to synfig wiki.


Hey… the pdf looks good to me :slight_smile: I just registered to tell you guys that thank you for providing your efforts. I really like it…

No matter what I am saying, I can’t express myself -__-!

I only installed synfig, and was looking for a offline tutorial. Online tutorials can be a problem when you have a really slow internet.

Anyway, now I can start using it :slight_smile:

And once again, thanks.


You can mess a bit with the template… but it’s not easy. I’ll give you that :confused: Mostly, you gotta edit, &

some related links:
(misc hacks for layout) … dddedcae98 … 72d30ec3ff … cb37d54dc6
(license/copyright notice) … 30eefae33#
(image in title page) … 3167785bf#

But the “easiest” way is maybe to have the extension generate an ODT (not pdf), and change the template of this ODT to another template than “Normal” that will provide for the “static” content (title page, copyrights, misc info) and styles (in open office), then save as pdf manually… should be pretty straightforward, or at least I guess.

If you want some help feel free to get in touch (PM or mail: berteh @ com <-> hotmail)

Have a nice day,


Thank you, berteh. As I have said, implementing DPL in python is very tricky, considering bindings to MediaWiki. Conversion to ODT is something what I have tried very first (wiki->html->odt->pdf schema using “htmldoc”). That’s not work, because Openoffice not wraps images correctly on the pages (if image not fits to current page then it transferred to next leaving a lot of empty space). Manual editing is not a solution - because that’s a lot of work. We want completely automatic conversion, because we will do that often enough. Currently Latex solution is the best I found.

Today I’m leaving to vacation for. That means that I will be absent for 2-3 weeks. I will continue work after return. Cheers!


Have a great vacation Zelgadis!


Have a great time… …and relax! :wink:


Ok, after a long fight with php code here’s my last result:


  • Good cover
  • Table of contents
  • (DONE) Fix: for some reason page numbers at the beginning of the chapter appears at the bottom of the page
  • Make some images smaller
  • Answer all questions on Talk pages
  • Proofread again
  • Release


thanks for this big work Zelgadis, it looks really nice.
do you know the issuu online reader? could be a nice way to link to the synfig manual:

I could try to help with the cover page. You want it in svg (easier), synfig (feasible), pdf (appendable) or latex (tough but feasible)?