Work Items Restructuring Project


Thank you, berteh! Unfortunately I need it in latex. I think “synfig logo in the center + book title + year” should do be enough.

P.S. I didn’t knew about issuu. Looks cool. :slight_smile:


Hi Zelgadis.
Still working on this? plans to update the offline documentation document? still want a cover page?


Hi, berteh!
Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to work on this last time because I’m busy on Morevna Project. Though I still hope to finish with offline documentation someday, but most probably I will be able to get back not sooner than November (Morevna Demo release).
Please post a cover page - we will need it sooner or later.About format: sif or svg is fine,
Your help is much appreciated.


Hi, I compiled this out of the online doc…
Synfig Studio Manual 1 for 0.63.05 english on my Google Drive

Just in case you like to use it somewhere.
I called it “Manual 1”, it just includes the basic chapters “Introduction” and “Diving In”.

No front page, but pages can be divided by 4 so you can easily print it as a booklet without wasting trees :slight_smile:


Welcome back oho!
Good work! Thanks!


Good job… !

Perfect to detect lacks of Literal syntax :wink:

About doc restruct…
What do you think about starting a new doc/wiki step to be ready for next release ? I think about :
documentation unification (style/syntax/vocabulary…)
updated screenshots
next release features (seems to be more internal/engine than end user ones … ist’n it ?)



sounds good to me, but also like a really big project which needs big efforts.
As a way of making this happen, I’d prefer several smaller projects that finally lead into the direction of the big picture.

Means we have to develop a big picture and a staged plan first,
I’m open to join a discussion about this.


Hi all.
Indeed efforts are seeds for the future.
Its been 5 years anyone commented on this topic but I can’t help but say something to it.
Stumbled on Synfig last year when I started learning animations but needed what 3d can do, so left it for a 3d program, now I need a 2d program to complement my 3d knowledge and thought to go back to synfig and look out for an offline tutorial and then stumbled on this forum and this post, I have taken time to read a few of the back and forth brainstorming of passionate minds to put a user friendly manual together and upgraded. I am overwhelmed.
This is inspiring me greatly that I must make good of your efforts by learning to use this software extensively and sharing what I do with it with you all too.
Once I am all set and good, will share my animation website link, ignore the 3d sections if you must and see what the efforts you all put here is helping me achieve in 2d, somewhere in Africa.
Awesome! Thanks all…

I pray i get to do something useful for someone else in the future too.


@DaGirl You are welcome :smiley: Don’t hesitate to create your own thread in Wip or Finished Works!