Preparation for new release

We re preparing for a new release. The changes that are being included to this release are:

  1. Terminology rewrite (jcome). Ready to be included.
  2. Boost library integration for the Command Line Interface. (eldruin) I have problems to make it build at OSX so I’m working on it since eldruin can’t build at Mac.
  3. Two new convert types and its reverse manipulations (zelgadis). Ready to be included.
  4. Synfig’s plugins. Include the possibility of have two stickman templates in the same file (zelgadis). Pending of some easy code fixes.
  5. Disable Keyframe feature (Zelgadis). Not ready yet. Has bugs to fix.
  6. Minor patches and some bug fixes (jcome, genete, zelgadis)

When the code were completely ready there will be the first release candidate and then it will be time to do a translation call and verification for the build and package for the rest of the three main distributions (Windows and Mac).

@Pixelgeek, the Boost tool integration might cause some troubles for Windows build, so please focus on that as priority. If you can’t build with that change it shouldn’t be included because it would break all the rest.

I don’t think there would be a new splash for this release and I prefer to keep that effort for the time that Cairo see the light that might be in combination with the UI changes started by jcome.

More information would come later.

How about using KickStarter/IndeiGoGo to help with the release I think Synfig with a good campaign can earn 5000 dollars.

I prefer people put the money here.

Yes., John Smith, you can try to think of ways to promote that campaign. Getting a campaign on Indiegogo is easy, but the promotion part can be very hard and time consuming.

I gave ideas but for some reason they were not implemented.

By thinking of ways to promote I meant doing some promotion work yourself. I have already done a bit myself, but I’m not on social networks.

Do we have a specific version of Boost we’re targeting or just pick the latest?

[edit] Well, I think I just successfully built origin/master 63c846a2405a45e23d8426e318f0d8bb92f2ef31 with boost 1.53. I’ll test it out tomorrow.

The branch that includes the boost changes is not merged yet. I still can’t build synfigstudio (I can build core) it in Mac 10.8 or Ubuntu 12.04. I have emailed to Diego to fix it.

If you want to test, please clone and build the following branch:
branch: eldruin_tool_boost_2

That branch is the current origin/master plus two commits:
The first adds the proper configuration changes to make possible build against boost libraries ( and and adds to m4 macros to find the boost libraries.
The second is a replacement of the m4 macros with two newer versions I need to be possible to build in Mac.

In Mac and in Linux I can build synfig-core but synfigstudio complains. In Mac it tells me that synfig >=0.63.05 is not installed and in Linux it complains about it doesn’t find a synfig header form the synfig-core includes. The file exists but the searching path is wrong.
The summary for the synfigstudio configuration in linux is that the $SYNFIG_CFLAGS and $SYNFIG_LIBS are empty, what means that something wrong has happened during previous core build and installation.

Minimum boost version is 1.32.0 as you can see in Diego’s commit.

Good luck!

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Can you traduce it to easy language? :confused:

sorry to insist…but,
maybe adding in background of the current one a ducks family going aways ?


What is the estimated release date for the next version?

D.j.a.y.: there is a splash screen announced due to the recent news (Cairo is included). I think that the current splash screen has its days counted.

Not before the splash screen due date (April 14th)

Why isn’t the character template and camera widget included in the latest version of Synfig … -released/

They are not part of the software.

They include stickman in Synfig so why can’t they include character template and camera widget.

So when can we expect it to be released?

At least not until all the bugs are fixed. :slight_smile:

I’m using the development version, and each time there’s something new we find that needs fixed. It’s always a good idea to be thorough before allowing prime-time release.

Feel free to grab the latest development release candidate! The more people help, the faster a stable one would approach.

Release candidate #3 is out. Very stable now.