Linux binaries for 0.64.0 (candidate #3)

News! news!
The following changes have been introduced from the latest candidate:

  • Fixed bug that makes crash immediately when using certain blend methods. (genete)
  • Fixed support for distributions that doesn’t include Cairo 12.1. Now Cairo is bundled in the package. (Zelgadis)
  • Updates and optimizations in the build script. (Zelgadis)
  • Revamped the command line interface using Boost libraries. Please help testing. (eldruin)
  • New disable keyframes (Zelgadis)
  • Fixed bug Crash when closing file and Parameter Panel tree widget is open. (Zelgadis)
  • Fixed bug About dialog badly formed for packaged version. (it is fixed but we didn’t do anything)
  • Fixed Noise distort render badly in tile mode in Cairo. (genete) (still needs some investigation because I see some glitches when apply noise distort on pirates)
  • Fixed Shadow layer is crasher. Please confirm. (genete)
  • Fixed Warp layer not implemented (it is implemented but still affected by subsampling bug see below)

Known issues:

  • Icon for “Select all Chidlren” not visible when requested over a Group layer from a Set.
  • Motion Blur not implemented
  • ListImporter not implemented
  • Gradients with transparency renders differently in Cairo
  • Some strings still missing (being woking on)
  • Cubic and Linar sampling fails in CairoSurface (it affects to some raster like layers)
  • Some blend methods still have bad render in Cairo.

Here are the packages:
i386: … 8_i386.deb … 8.i386.rpm … 86.tar.bz2

x86_64/amd64: … _amd64.deb … x86_64.rpm … 64.tar.bz2

Your feedback is important!


tar.bz2 packages fails to run on 64 bits. I don’t know if 32 bits fails too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

64-bit deb works and now Cairo works on my Bodhi system (Enlightment desktop and based on ubuntu LTS (12.04)).

Navigator view blinks enourmously while scrubbing the timeline, as it can’t update properly and shows blanks instead.

Work area seems to be more responsive. I’ve just did a quick testrun of Cairo now, I’ll try more later, but so far I like it a lot!

I’m sorry, but this made me LOL! :laughing:

Anywho, thanks for the efforts there, guys! This officially marks the beginning of a new era. With Cairo here, I no longer need to buy a new CPU! (Yep, still functioning on Athlon x2 here. And yep, the 8 secs clip is still rendering as I type this; it’s been two hours now…)

Now, let’s squash those remaining bugs! Anyone’s got a rolled-up newspaper we can borrow?

I… I don’t get it. It STILL says “New BLine”!

Yes, I removed the all (tried uninstalling both by Software center and Apt-Get). Yes, I only installed after removing them.

And yet…

Another thing: Working with Cairo switched ON, while in the work area, I’m experiencing fantastic lags (especially when zooming in and out). That lag isn’t there without Cairo on, though…

About the lags, can you be more specific (example file)?

@rylleman: I can imagine why navigator blinks, will be fixed.

Thanks for your patience!

Don’t expect overall higher speed render in any case. Raster layers still slower and in some cases much slower, and don’t have a quick solution for that

OK - I think I’m going to attempt a build tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
I’ve got something that looks like a set of Boost libraries, but there were some errors during compilation, so I don’t know if I have enough, or whether they built correctly. But if I kick off a build now, I’ll be up all night. :slight_smile:

BTW, are we using sourceforge or Github now?

It’s ok to ignore build errors. In Linux package I have lot of errors too - not all modules built. But it’s ok because we need only program_options module.

Since yesterday, only Github is up to date. Migration is mostly completed but we need to announce it formally, remove sf git service, update wiki, etc.

In order to run tar.bz2 package you have to ensure that you have no rpm/deb package of synfigstudio installed.

EDIT: Also, you should launch synfigstudio binary from the top-level directory, not from the “bin/” subdirectory.

The tar.bz2 packages works fine for me.

Not sure what specifics you need, but simply working on Cairo speeds up rendering at one point and slows down (or even temporarily “freezes”) my computer (yes, the whole computer) at another point. Often I experience slow-downs just by working on vectors…

I’ll send you the file once I’m finished with the last scene. :slight_smile:

Cairo doesn’t take in account the amount of Gamma from the setup.
Happy to see cairo drawing.

my cairo libs are too old. Recompiling them requires updating pixman, which requires zlib. That compiled. Now pixman requires libpng. And that won’t compile because it can’t find zlib.h. Which is right there look! Grrr…
Still hacking away…

Is the following sufficient?

cairo (version 1.12.14 [release]) will be compiled with:

The following surface backends:
Image: yes (always builtin)
Recording: yes (always builtin)
Observer: yes (always builtin)
Mime: yes (always builtin)
Tee: no (disabled, use --enable-tee to enable)
XML: no (disabled, use --enable-xml to enable)
Skia: no (disabled, use --enable-skia to enable)
Xlib: no (requires X development libraries)
Xlib Xrender: no (requires --enable-xlib)
Qt: no (disabled, use --enable-qt to enable)
Quartz: no (requires CoreGraphics framework)
Quartz-image: no (disabled, use --enable-quartz-image to enable)
XCB: no (requires xcb >= 1.6 xcb-render >= 1.6
Win32: yes
OS2: no (disabled, use --enable-os2 to enable)
CairoScript: yes
PostScript: yes
PDF: yes
SVG: yes
OpenGL: no (disabled, use --enable-gl to enable)
OpenGL ES 2.0: no (disabled, use --enable-glesv2 to enable)
BeOS: no (disabled, use --enable-beos to enable)
DirectFB: no (disabled, use --enable-directfb to enable)
OpenVG: no (disabled, use --enable-vg to enable)
DRM: no (disabled, use --enable-drm to enable)
Cogl: no (disabled, use --enable-cogl to enable)

The following font backends:
User: yes (always builtin)
FreeType: yes
Fontconfig: yes
Win32: yes
Quartz: no (requires CoreGraphics framework)

The following functions:
PNG functions: yes
GLX functions: no (not required by any backend)
WGL functions: no (not required by any backend)
EGL functions: no (not required by any backend)
X11-xcb functions: no (disabled, use --enable-xlib-xcb to enable)
XCB-shm functions: no (requires --enable-xcb)

I’m guessing openGL would be a nice to have…


Getting close now - still battling boost -

checking for boostlib >= 1.32.0... yes checking whether the Boost::Program_Options library is available... yes configure: error: Could not find a version of the library! Synfig-Core... Making make: *** No rule to make target `package'. Stop. Synfig-Devel... Making make: *** No rule to make target `clean'. Stop.
so it can check the lib exists, find the options library, but not a version of the library. Huh?

Try to pass “–with-boost=/path/to/your/boost/root/installation” for ./configure. That helped me.

Hi there,

Thanks for your amazing work :slight_smile:

Do you plan to work on a mswin packages ?