Help Zelgadis travel to LGM 2013

Jonas rocks again! It’s awesome, looks like my trip becomes close to real!
(I’m especially proud, because I was happy to meet him personally during my visit in Sweden and since then I receive a lot of surprises from him).
Best gratitude to Jonas, from me and all Synfig community. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiousity - do you have an alpha/beta version of your character animation tech that you’d consider releasing? My significant other and I are both actively working to try to learn vector design and animation. Synfig (+Inkscape) is really the only valid option for us right now. There don’t seem to be any good free animation studios that support skeleton/node animation - so we’re basically twiddling our thumbs and waiting for your release.

Yes can you please release an alpha version of synfig for windows,mac and linux with these features?

hope you make it!

I was wondering if someone could build the latest version of synfig for windows
I think its pretty important. By the way could you release a version of synfig with that new technology you are making it would be nice to see a preview of it.Also the latest version of synfig doesn’t have the plugins built in

can’t help you this side.

That new technology is “just” some layers/values linked in a Zelgadis magical way . You can have another inspiration of this way of using Synfig from “library of poses” thread

I’m not involved in coding synfig, but i can say that the next release will be 0.63.06, and no stable/intermediate version will be out until this one(if you dig the forum you can found some linux “snapshot version” who contain new terminology) … you need to wait, and you can help during you wait :wink:


Its the final 3 days and only a 100 dollars to go. Remember everyone to spread the word where ever you can.

Hi, everyone!

It’s great to see the campaign receiving so much support. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m happy to know that our efforts are anticipated. :slight_smile:

No, we don’t plan to release anything before April, and I have a strong reasons for that, explained in this blog post:

So, if we will publish unstable version now, then it’s possible people will use this version to make their own characters and if we will change the specification, then those characters will become incompatible with the final release. And that will bring some problems. For example, there is a cool trick that you can copy skeleton animation from one character to another. So you can make a crowd dancing in almost no-effort. But it’s only possible if the characters follow the same standard. I hope that explains my point. :slight_smile:

All our changes to Synfig are published at github -
Latest Linux binaries with our improvements always available here - … es/synfig/
Papagayo changes are published in the upstream and packages available here - … /papagayo/

Although I’m a maintainer of Mac packages, I don’t have time to provide development builds (and I don’t have Mac XD ).
Windows version is maintained by pixelgeek - contact him if you want something.

Hey, everyone!
It’s two days left before the deadline but the campaign have reached its goal already! Thank you everyone for your support! See ya at LGM 2013. ^___^

good news, i’m happy for you…

This is going to be great!! whoohoo! :smiley: :smiley:

You did it. :mrgreen:


Great! Congratz!

No, you all did it. ^^ Thank you. ^^

Yay! :smiley:


nice to see such commitment from the community, and thank you already Zelgadis for your efforts and promissing work! I hope you convince many interested new contributors :smiley:

  • enjoy the trip by the way, I hope you take this opportunity to visit some of Spain too! -


Congratulations. You should now make an anouncement of whats next both on indiegogo and your site. Remember to send a personal thank you email to each donor thanking them.
By the way by the time you go to LGM will synfig interface be improved? Aka dockable windows etc.

I don’t think so, it’s a lot of things to do before have something usable regarding UI interface.

It’s most likely my workshop will be on April 10 afternoon, Wednesday (official program is expected to be announced in a few hours). Besides the main LGM schedule, the April 14 is planned for off-program meetings and hacksessions. I will arrive to Madrid on afternoon of April 9th and leave on early morning of April 16th. I hope we will have enough time to collaborate!

I have booked my plane, I will be around Madrid from 6 to 14 … !
So bad for the hackprogramoff day i will mess.