Help Zelgadis travel to LGM 2013

Hi, Synfig community!

This year LGM 2013 will be held in Madrid on April 10-13. I would like to attend this event to meet Carlos (Genete) there and have a productive work during the days of LGM.

To make this possible I’m asking you to sponsor my travel to Madrid.

Attendance of LGM last year gave me a great impulse for Synfig and Morevna Project development. I believe meeting Carlos and working together during the days of LGM will give even more impressive results. Besides all that I also plan to give a talk/workshop about character animation in Synfig.

So, if you like the idea of me participating in LGM event, then your support in funding my travel is much appreciated.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Zelgadis,

I just contributed a little amount, good luck Zelgadis, good luck Morevna and Ivan, good luck Synfig :mrgreen:


Thank you very much, Yu! That’s really a lot!
You are the first one from synfig community who donated. I appreciate that very much. ^___^

You should really use a video for your campaign and perks are a good idea too. You should at least do a perk in which you do 5 second animations.

This might help

Here is Indiegogo’s official guide … xxx_0041{keyword}

I might sound like a spinning record right now but why don’t you include a video pitch for your campaign.Kinda like this one you made … 4g&index=6

Also on the the Also Find This Campaign On: you only include your twitter account why not include your site and youtube account like this … d/x/181218

A good idea would be include perks ranging form 5 second to 1 minute animations perk and also a perk to do skype sessions.

Hi, John Smith.

I appreciate your advices, but I have my own vision of the campaign and prefer spend more time on doing a real work instead of promotion of the “money-asking”. I believe that the cases such as mine is not a “squeezing money out”, it doesn’t require additional “videos of my talking head” to motivate the people around here, because they are already very motivated. It’s opensource here, you know.

I don’t like the idea of doing the skype sessions, because they are much less effective than a “real-life” workshops and this is not comfortable for me.

EDIT: Instead of skype sessions I’d better prepare a video tutorials about the featured character animation technology. But such videos will be published soon or later, independently of campaign success, because I really love sharing my experience.

Have you taught about offering a live webinar for people who don’t live in Russia as a perk. Another cool perk would be a cameo in your next animation. Be one of the soldiers in the MorenvaProject if you donate 50 bucks or something.

How would you recommend spreading the word about this project?

The best is to write a blog post somewhere or article. (in the appropriate place, of course - otherwise it is considered as spam ^__^)
For example, the one here made a good impact - … 2013-ahead

As a simple way, you can share a link to this video -
This one is nice too -

Graphisme/photo Synfig Studio aux Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 … eting-2013

hope this help you a little to go there.


Hey, thank you, Djay! Really good article. I appreciate it a lot.

Latest news
I have managed to integrate the Papagayo into the character template. Here’s the demonstration -
The modified version of Papagayo is published here:

Ten days left and only 43% collected!!!
Please share and donate! :frowning:

Respect to Jonas Öberg for his generous contribution (and also for tweeting to his 2k followers)!

Jonas rocks again! It’s awesome, looks like my trip becomes close to real!
(I’m especially proud, because I was happy to meet him personally during my visit in Sweden and since then I receive a lot of surprises from him).
Best gratitude to Jonas, from me and all Synfig community. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiousity - do you have an alpha/beta version of your character animation tech that you’d consider releasing? My significant other and I are both actively working to try to learn vector design and animation. Synfig (+Inkscape) is really the only valid option for us right now. There don’t seem to be any good free animation studios that support skeleton/node animation - so we’re basically twiddling our thumbs and waiting for your release.

Yes can you please release an alpha version of synfig for windows,mac and linux with these features?

hope you make it!

I was wondering if someone could build the latest version of synfig for windows
I think its pretty important. By the way could you release a version of synfig with that new technology you are making it would be nice to see a preview of it.Also the latest version of synfig doesn’t have the plugins built in