My Import/Export plugin (SVG, Telegram Sticker, Lottie, dotLottie)

I’ve already discussed some of the features of this plugin but now Synfig has proper support for importers (see New scripting capabilities) so I can properly announce it as a plugin.

It adds importers and exporters for the following formats:

  • SVG: Works much better than the built-in SVG importer
  • Lottie: The “animations for web” format by AirBnB
  • Telegram Animated Stickers (TGS): Animated stickers for the Telegram messaging app
  • dotLottie: Lottie files packaged and with additional metadata

Synfig has a built-in Lottie exporting plugin, my plugin provides an alternative implementation.

The latest version of my plugin can be downloaded from here: