Import svg using the python-lottie pugin

I am trying to import svg file into synfig using the
plugin mentioned in this thread.

I have a simple svg file

When I tried File > import , the layer was added to the layers panel but nothing appears in the canvas ( The jamma correction is set to 1 ).

So I shifted to the last development release 1.5.1 & repeat the steps File > Import , unfortunately it gave the same result.

When I tried File > Open, the file opened in a new canvas but the mouse wheels reversed !!!

Is it possible to import svg file into synfig smoothly ?

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What do you mean? o.O

Next development version release (future 1.5.2) imports this file successfully:

(I added the white background to check the cloud colors)

I am using 1.5.1 version, using "File > import " add the svg to the layer panel with nothing appears in the canvas.

Using “File > open”, opens the file in a new tab & the mouse wheel is reversed. i.e: scroll up brings the canvas down and vice versa.