My Import/Export plugin (SVG, Telegram Sticker, Lottie, dotLottie)

Hi thanks for your plug-in it’s very nice
But I had a problem converting svgs to sif (iam using the stand alone version)
Some layers and outlines randomly are converted to dark layers here is a example (105.4 KB)

Hi, when I try to export to svg it says “Plugin execution failed: Failed to execute helper program (Invalid argument)”
I’m using the 1.5.1 development version of synfig on windows 10. My project has a mixture of vector and raster layers.

Hi, this is a known issue that should have been fixed in the last dev builds.
Beware they are just baked and could still be hot :wink:

Thanks, I was able to run the plugin with the last build. One note for anyone else using this to export to svg, it crashed and didn’t export if the scene had any groups or spline vertices that were linked to bones of a skeleton. Weirdly, synfig doesn’t seem to remove the bone links if you delete the skeleton. I had to manually convert each vertex to Composite to get it to export. There might be a faster way to do that, idk. Either way, thanks @Glax for the plugin :+1:

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I can’t seem to find the plugin download link
The open I opened on gitlab said I didn’t have permission to view it

The link has a bit changed Releases · Glax / python-lottie · GitLab


This seemed very helpful for my project but it doesn’t play nice at all with bones. Linking groups to bones warps them and doesn’t animate at all, and linking points to bones throws “ValueError: No point in bone_link”

Yea I think bones were something I didn’t fully figure out so support for them is very lacking

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If you don’t mind, I’d like to mess with the code a little to see if I can get it up and running.

Sure, it’s open-source: lib/lottie/parsers/sif · master · Glax / python-lottie · GitLab

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Hi @Glax,

Your Synfig plugin only exports to.tsg, right?
why does it not exports to other formats such as Lottie or SVG? is there any limitation in Synfig or it is just that you didn’t extend the Synfig plugin to accept other formats?

If it is possible, please, could you tell me how?

FYI, now Synfig plug-ins can have a dialog when running to retrieve information, it would be a great use of this feature to have a simple dialog to ask for the format you want to export your .sif animation :grin:

Follow here for more information and here for my plug-in with dialog (take it as a working example)


EDIT: fix links

it can import and export the formats mentioned

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but, with plugin v0.7 installed in Synfig it only displays the TSG exporter option… am I missing anything?


These are the options you should see: addons/synfig/pylot-exporter/plugin.xml · master · Glax / python-lottie · GitLab

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I already have seen it but I couldn’t figure out how to “activate” for instance Lottie export as all <exec> point to and not Lottie…

Please, could you show me how to activate Lottie so that I can figure it out?


I think I may found my mistake: once installed the plugin, when you want to export your animation, instead of going to menu Plug-ins / Export Telegram Sticker, you should directly go to File / Export... and select the new options labeled with [pylot].


Is that the correct way to export (and therefore import as well)?


(typing more nonsense otherwise I can’t post o_O)

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Hi @Glax,

Sorry for bothering you again, I have some questions regarding Synfig to Lottie export:

  1. Does text layer work? it doesn’t for me (even tried your baseline.sifexample… is that well known or a bug?

  2. Another odd behavior I found is that circle and star layers somehow depends on canvas “image span” size to define their final size but for instance rectangle and region ones doesn’t. Is that normal?

Synfig editor looks like the following (check that rectangle doesn’t get scaled):

Canvas with image span = 24.4767 exports as:

Canvas with image span = 12.0680 exports as:

Canvas with image span = 10.0000 exports as:


I haven’t worked on the synfig to lottie in a long while, I think I made it before I knew how text layers work. It’s definitely possible to support them but it would need to be implemented.

I’m not sure about the size of the circle and such, maybe just a bug.

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Hello Mattia. Great job with the plugin. I would like to know what you think. Do you think it is important that the plugin exports each frame of the animation in sequence of svg images? I consider that everything that helps to preserve an animation beyond the limitation of the pixels is important. Many have told me that it doesn’t make sense because compositing programs don’t work with svg sequences and few animation programs do. The only animation program I know of that imports svg image sequences is Tupitube.desk. I would like the function to import and export to sequence of images in svg to exist.

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