Most irritating one pls

I dont know why this problem came often.
I faced many time this problem and also loss lot of times
how can i recover this file??


Save your files in a local drive.

but its not opening

pls help me i cant resolve this

You probably are copying and pasting bones in 1.4.x version, right?
Synfig still have issues with it :frowning:

We can try to recover it ‘by hand’ looking into .sif/.sifz file.
Can you send us (privately or here)?

yeah thats right ,i cant sent it here bcs iam new here

how can i sent you privately

You can share a link to it.
Put in a file share service.

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oh hi! Looks like rodolforg already covered the bases here so I’ll just link to the previous thread for future reference: Most irritating one

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background1.sifz (275.0 KB)

here it is pls resolve this

Could you please stop to spam and beg ?
Thank you

As a reminder, Synfig comes without any guarantee and it is up to the user to do backup of work in progress.
You could also do some search to find how to repair manually the structure of the file, it is not the first time that it happens and it has been explained a lot of times on this forum.

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ohk i dont do this now but first recover this

Your politeness would deserve you a permanent ban if I wasn’t myself someone with great tolerance and temperament.


Ah, there’s a lot of suffering and drama in this thread, I like it.
Here’s the “fixed” file:
background1.sifz (266.0 KB)

I had to remove all bones and some converters, but it’s better than starting from scratch I guess.


means alot thankyou so much svarov to save my file :grinning:

@Svarov @rodolforg audience character.sifz (110.6 KB)
pls aslo resolve this and why this proplem come again and again.?

I think that you already have a clue

@ohk bob there’s a another file resolve this for me

Little question …
Are you a troll or your parents failed your education somehow?
Do you have any clue about politeness, respect of your peers, netiquette, use of a forum in general ?
People here don’t owe you anything and are kind enough to provide you help, they are not your dogs.

You don’t read the previous messages giving you clues on the reasons of your issue, you just don’t care and continue to act as a spoiled child.

I suggest ou to read NEW USERS MUST READ THIS FIRST - Forums general rules

If you persist in having rude behaviour, I will make sure that our community will not have to spend their time and efforts for such consideration.