gnome asia summit

Hi friends,

This year, Gnome Asia Summit will be hosted in HongKong[1], and I plan to attend, I would like to promote our Synfig Studio there:

  • a number of Linux LiveCD which ships Synfig Studio, and our two Demo Reel, sample files from the community, offline tutorials
  • a Synfig Studio T-Shirt[2]
  • a number of Synfig flyer[3]

Do you have other ideas?

[1] … june-9-15/
[2] Synfig T-Shirts Challenge!
[3] Synfig flyer!

Maybe a poster to place at strategic places?
If you like I can send you a pile of flyers. Mail me your postal address if so. (rylleman[at]gmail[dot]com).

Thanks and good luck!