Synfig flyer!

I’m going to attend a seminar on open source for film creation and Creative Commons in a few weeks. This would of course be an excellent time to promote Synfig!
I would like to create flyers that I can hand out and place at strategic places. It would be sweet to have some help on this.
First we’ll need a short, selling and on to the point text. Not my strongest hand. Anyone got any ideas?
Artwork. What would be eye catching?
Format - I’m thinking A6 (105x148mm) as we then can print 4 on a standard A4 page. This would be the cheapest alternative I think.

The seminar is oct 28th in Stockholm, Sweden. For cheap printing I need to deliver at least a week before this so that basically gives me a week or two from now.

Goooood! \o/

Art work:
A flying set of splash screens from the old to the newest showing the evolution of Synfig. I’ll prepare something this evening.

Text: It depends on the size and the format of the flyer. If it is a double side or single side, if it is folded, its size, etc.

The words “Synfig Studio” and other some descriptive words must be mandatory.

Some quotations from users: “The output quality and smoothness is awesome”, “There is not limit to your imagination”, “The power of Nodes connection allows to makes easy very tedious tasks”, “Very good set of filter layers on top of a user oriented animation system”


Thank’s Genete.
I was thinking single sided, no folded A6. Printing is more expensive than you may think… :wink:
Also A6 is quite small so the artwork has to be clear and not too detailed, also text should be kept on a minimum.

For artwork perhaps details from the UI would be a good idea? Your idea woth splash screens is also good, I’m just thinking details might be too small if we should fit several of them on such a small area.

My quick proposal:
Please fine tune it if you want. :slight_smile:
-G (82.5 KB)

Nice one!
Synfig has a node system!?

Al value nodes are nodes in fact. The thing is that it doesn’t have a visual interface but you can link value nodes between layers, right?

Ah, those kind of nodes… I was thinking of nodes as in compositing node editors… That would rock and roll for sure!

Great flyer, especially for a quick turn-around! If the text is to remain in English, I have a slight change to suggest for the third paragraph:

“Loaded with many filters and a powerful node system, it is the perfect tool for any animation studio.”

I’m also wondering if “time” in the second paragraph should be “frame rate” or something like that.


powerful node sytem? s/sytem/system :slight_smile:

Rylleman, please update the flyer with Matt and Pixelgeek suggestions.
I would change “… a powerful node system…” to a powerful value node system…"
Luckly you can fit it on the remaining space. It is possible to use an imported image of text created in a better text application.

Yeah, will do. I have a few other ideas as well.

It seems like I’m going to a bit more involved in the seminar than I had in mind… Stay tuned.

I’ve done some fiddling with the flyer. The line “It offers smooth and scalable results at any time and size.” didn’t ring quite right in my ears. The result is always a pixel based format, right? So scalable result is not entirely true. I changed to “It offers a truly resolution independent ouput regarding both size and time.” How does that sound to you? I think output suggest not only the final product but also the workflow leading up to this.

Current sifz here:

Will send to print tomorrow.

The new text sounds fine to me.

You must keep some extra original copies for you! It is something that after time passed it is glad to keep.

Here’s how they look:

I haven’t cut them all yet. I ordered A4’s, cutting them myself into A6’s.
I placed them at the Open Source seminar I attended. Some got grabbed I think, the pile looked a bit thinner at the end.
I also mentioned Synfig in my talk about open source tools for film makers. It got attention from a few interested people, some were coming up afterwards asking about it.

Those turned out great!


nice! I like it.

Lovely! Thank you very much rylleman!

:smiley: it’s extraordinary to see printed one of my drawings ! Thank you very much !

I’ll send you some, mail me your postal address. :slight_smile:

If anyone else need a pile for some event mail me and I’ll send some to you. I made about 500.

Thank you very much :smiley: it’s very nice to you :smiley: I’ll be proud to show it at my children ! I’ll send you a mail to the contact adress of your website