Synfig T-Shirts Challenge!

Hello everyone!!
As some of you know, a few of us are attending to the Libre Graphics Meeting in Vienna May 2-5.
In order to promote Synfig there, we think it would be a good idea if we all wear a Synfig T-Shirt.
But there are no Synfig T-Shirts!! :imp:

This challenge is to design T-Shirts with the Synfig Logo that we will upload to an online store in CafePress created for Synfig. And with every sold T-Shirt Synfig will win a donation!
What you need to do is to create only the image, or images, that will go on the T-Shirt.

The rules from the normal challenges do not apply in this case.
The rules are:

  • The Synfig logo should appear somewhere. (Downloadable from the git repository here)
  • You can choose any target background color for the T-Shirt available in CafePress.
  • The image must have a transparent background.
  • You can use both sides, shoulders and pockets.
  • The printing dimensions will be 10x10 inches in the center of the T-Shirt for the front and back. (if you want to use the shoulders or pockets just look at the templates in CafePress for Standard apparel)
  • The dimensions of the images must be: For the front and back 10x10 inches. At least 300 DPI so at least 3000x3000 pixels.
  • Vectored design is strongly encouraged but not required.
  • You must provide the full source code.
  • All your artwork must be under a license that allows us to edit it if needed, print it to T-Shirts and sell them donating all the royalties to synfig (preferably “GNU/GPLv2 or later”) (By using the synfig logo your artwork is automatically under “GNU/GPLv2 or later”).

The deadline for the designs is March 31.
Send a lot of them!!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

PD: We will also bring Synfig flyers made by Rylleman! Thank you!

can u post an svg of the synfig logo

Of course, the sif file is in the source code. You can download it directly from the git repository here.
Looking forward to your submissions :slight_smile:

If you need a svg-version of the logo you can find one here:


I had fun making this, but it really clashes with the original icon.

These are low rez pics of my ideas.
shirt back.0004.png
shirt front.0000.png

My submission:
Animation spells “bouncing ball”…

Sifz for final print render attached. Not sure about t-shirt colour, light blue or gray perhaps?
CC-sa (35.6 KB)

Good one rylleman!
white, pink, cyan or orange would be my color preferences.

Genete - I’m never going clothes shopping with you…

My submission:
May be it`s need to insert text “SYNFIG” somewhere, but not for sure :smiley:
TShirtF.sifz (23.6 KB)

:laughing: :laughing:

Good entry zurba11!

Here’s my entry for the challenge. (it’s a small picture, the big 3000x3000 transparent png is in the sources)

I received the book “Animator’s survival kit”, so I thought that a walk cycle, like those in the book, would be nice to present Synfig.
It’s a duck, with blines … :laughing: :laughing:
The background is beige, I thought it was good, but you can choose another color (pink, cyan or orange :wink: )
The font is one of my computer, you can change it too.

Here’s the duck’s animated gif.

I received help on a French forum :

For sources, this is a bit complicated. As I could not put the same duck’s file 8 times with differents time loops, I rendered the ducks one by one (in “imagecanards2.sifz”, and I assembled the 8 png with Gimp. The final file (“tee_shirt2.sifz”) is made with the imported image.

Thank you again very much for the book. It’s wonderful ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Reading the post “drawing a road”, I discovered that the new Bline could be dashed! Sorry, genete, I had never seen this before … :blush:
I had made a bad dashed with a curve gradient, I redid the line clean!
Here are the new sources (1.35 MB)

mad0, cool!!! I would like to DIY a T_Shirts with it.

It is fantastic mad0!

Awesome, i will make it my twitter avatar :laughing:

@mad0: excellent work, as all yours.

Great entries so far! Thank you all!
Not too much time left! Hurry up!

I love mad0’s ducks - in fact, I love all mad0’s work.

The “animated ducks” design sums up Synfig perfectly - and humourously too.

The time has expired. I’ll try to have the store ready next week so we can buy the T-Shirts and we can receive them on time.
Anyway, anyone that want to post a new design is welcome to. The deadline was only to have a few designs for the LGM but anyone is welcome to post any new design that you may create and want to put in the synfig store.

Best regards :slight_smile: