Synfig T-Shirts Challenge!


Hello eldruin
if you send the images on cafepress, don’t send the one I posted first, I edited the post and uploaded an improved image.
Thank you :smiley:


So, which image will go on the T-shirts?


mad0: Very cool entry, good work!
The duck design as the animation steps are great, and it symbolizes very well synfig :.)


:smiley: thank you for comments ! :smiley:

rylleman, I think that all images will be available on cafepress, since eldruin proposes to add yet… :question:


Hey people!
I’m back :slight_smile:
As mad0 says, I’ll just put all the designs in the store. I’ll start working on it now so I should have it acceptably ready shortly.

Best regards,


Zazzle is much better than CafePress. A zazzle store on would be nice … o-0-63-05/


XD I would wear it in my house. x3


well, I need an oficial logo for credits