Can someone upload the workshop zip file that will be uploaded as the original file here not getting attached

If someone is able to upload the workshop zip file here in the synfig app do help me with this I am unable to access that file in synfig app

Works as it should in pc and laptop for me, even on my samsung phone emulating a windows machine.

And i have directly downloaded the file from the morevna project website.

You could try to download again from the link I have provided, which is exactly the same as the link that was on the previous topic you posted.
And maybe then extract to a different location. And then open it through import option in file menu.

If nothing works, refer to this post, which contains the download link of the development project, it usually solves many of the bugs of the stable build:-

You can try to update windows (not re-install, but just update) if that can do something.
I don’t know if synfig provides a log file, but if it does, just upload it here to make it easier for us to understand.

And just try some more things you can think of, I am not a professional, but I believe trying these things could massively help.

Also, edit your post’s category to synfig support, you are using the wrong category of assets and templates, if you yourself have a asset then you can share in this category, otherwise for help, use support category :upside_down_face:

You are new here so your mistake is forgiven, next time I wouldn’t forgive you for your mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah yeah okay fine…sorry for this time

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No need to say sorry, I was just saying in a jokingly manner. Don’t take it seriously, but yeah, change the category, if you don’t it creates confusion sometimes. :smile:

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There is a topic in Tutorials with all the links and courses

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okayy …Thanks for the suggestion