Official Synfig Video Course

Here you will find the Official Synfig Video Course, freely available on Youtube as a playlist.

Here are the files used in the tutorials:

You can also visit the corresponding pages on Morevna Project’s Site ( with Lesson 2).

Other videos are available on Synfig’s Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe !

Lesson 1: Introduction (Support)

Lesson 2: Your First Animation (Support)

Lesson 3: Rendering (Support)

Lesson 4: Simple Character (Support)

Lesson 5: Keyframes (Support)

Lesson 6: Face Animation (Support)

Lesson 7: Bones (Support)

Lesson 8: Skeleton Animation (Support)

Lesson 9: Loop Animation

Lesson 10: Linking Files

Lesson 11: Moving Background

Lesson 12: Parallax Effect

Lesson 13: Converters

Lesson 14: Interpolation