Transparent Background For Videos

Hello there. First off, I really, really like this software and I like how I can make my own animations using Synfig, second, I want to use this to create Stingers for a Software called OBS Studio where I can use it for livestreams, but, I ran into a bit of a snag. None of the render options have the option to make the background transparent and thus leads me to a dead end with this software.

Heres what I want to do:
I have made a stinger inside of Synfig where I want to render the animation with a transparent background so I can use it in OBS Studio. I am currently stuck in doing this in Blender.

I really want to use Synfig to create Stinger Transitions to use in OBS but this is a feature that holds me back from using this program full time.

Hi, render the animation as a png image sequence, then import that image sequence into blender and render it as a video from blender.

From synfig rendering options, Choose “png” from ‘Target’ then render


You could also use a specific (green?) color as background and use Chroma Key functions in OBS.
Just google “obs chromakey:wink:

Mmm, i rather prefer to have to export a Transparent video with Synfig as I really want to use Synfig as my Animating and GFX tool.

What video codecs support transparent background?

The video formats that I can think of that supports Alpha Transparency are WebM and MOV

AVI as well (RGB+Alpha channel)

PNG to WEBM using ffmpeg for synfig