translate the docs

Hi. I would like to help to translate into spanish the tutorials and the docs. But I have some problems:

  • In the tutorial “following a Bline” I’ve found:

I have the screenshots, but, How can I put them in the page?

Saludos. :smiley:

There is a “Upload file” menu entry in the bottom left of the wiki, once you are logged in.
Try to read the Documentation forum entries first, because the wiki structure and rules is being redefined.

The pages ending with “/es” are automatically added to the translation bar created by the DLP macros. I don’t know if the Meta: pages are affected by the DLP macros.

Why you cannot translate them? it is a wiki problem or you don’t know how translate them?


as Genete already told you, be aware that the documentation is currently being restructured and rewritten in major parts. Tutorials might not be changed very much in the near future, so translating tutorials is fine… :wink:

I’m blind… :blush: Thank you.

Look at this: When I log in I have this page to edit:
no hay edit.png

If I click on the first edit I have this:

Apparently, I have no acces to the front lines… :frowning: Help!

Ok. First, I’ll translate some tutorials. :smiley:

just don’t klick the “edit” on the chapter, but instead use “edit” on top of the screen
(the button between “discussion” and “history”).
That’s “mediawiki” mechnics, a bit confusing I know… :wink:

Ok: I’m blind. :laughing:
Thanks, guys.

No, I just had the same problem a bit earlier :wink:
If there is text that isn’t part of a chapter you can only edit that by using the top-edit…
… that is confusing.

New surprise: I’ve added two images in the “following a Bline” tutorial, but only the first appears in the spanish translation.

Other surprise: on page, if I select “Spanish” I don’t see the tutorial “following a Bline.” To get there I must get from the English one.

Image links must be added in the translated pages too.

A page is listed in the category page if it is properly categorized.
Take a look to beginning of the Creating a magnifying glass (Spanish version) tutorial. Its header looks like this:


{{Title|Creando una lupa}}
{{Category|Tutorials Intermediate}}


It means that the Localized title of the page is Creando una lupa and that it is a Manual page and also a Tutorial page and a Tutorials Intermediate Page.
In each page the header must be updated with the proper categorization.
In case that you translate for the first time a page in a new category and you don’t get it properly placed, don’t worry, we’ll try to fix ourself.

Finally, I would like to add that there is not any problem on do not categorize properly a tutorial or page. The only problem is that the page is not displayed as available when the category where it should be in, is listed. Nothing that cannot be fixed later.

Thanks for your work! :slight_smile:


De nada, it’s a pleasure.
Thanks a lot for your explanations.
I followed your steps to start translating the basic tutorial “Interface.” First I created the page by copying the original, but I get a message “warning” at the top of the page. I do not know what it means and not be removed. :frowning:

(spanish) He seguido tus pasos para empezar a traducir el tutorial básico “Interfaz”. Primero he creado la página copiando la original, pero me sale un mensaje de “warning” en la cabecera de la página. No sé qué significa y tampoco sé quitarlo.

Probably some of the text is causing problem to the DLP macros that makes the translation work. Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt the system, just doesn’t work properly.

be aware that this tutorial is part of the restructuring/reworking of the doc.

So it will change in the near future. Maybe just wait until we did finish the english version.

I think I know what happened: I save rather than to create :mrgreen:

Something else: I’m going to do the French translation. I just need someone to correct them (I’m already starting with “follow a Bline”). Maybe you, mad0? :smiley:

It’s OK Rafael :slight_smile:

Hi, mad0. The “Following a Bline” tutorial is already translated to French:
You can correct it when you have some time :smiley:

hello Rafael,
ok, I will correct the tutorial this weekend.
I dont know how to translate “duck”. “Canard” is weird in French. I will search what is the name in french …

Consider to look to the Synfig Studio translation to French.

Hi. I’ve find this page:
This does not translate the word “duck”. I think it’s a possibility. I’ve invited him to help us with the French translation. :smiley:

Good find Rafael. Please convince them to join to work on the wiki. We cannot avoid wiki forks but it would be better if the translations were all them together.
Good work :slight_smile:

Hello Rafael and Genete
I checked the tutorial.
For “Duck”, I used the term “point de contrôle” rather than “canard”.
For “Window Canvas”, I used the term “fenêtre principale” rather than “fenêtre de toile”
It seemed to me clearer in French.
I left the English words in brackets : ie “point de contrôle (Duck)” or “fenêtre principale (Canvas Window)”
I hope you like it. :slight_smile: