Terminology rewrite sprint


Hi! I am working right now to put a banner with the instructions to all translation pages not updated with new terminology.

[size=150]Important note:[/size] For technical reasons, from now on we have to change the way how pages are marked as updated. Now, instead of {{Category:NewTerminology}} please use just {{NewTerminology}}.

For existing pages: I will replace all occurrences of {{Category:NewTerminology}} automatically.

The instructions in the top post are updated. Thank you!


massive … !

i have done some minor (mostly intra link --> wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Terminology) change on
wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … erminology

Please update/create wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Terminology in missing language



Good work, djay!
Small note: please don’t forget to use {{L| … }} form for the links instead [[ … ]] form - wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?t … ldid=18201 . We need to keep this consistent. ^___^
Thank you!


Excuse me guys, can I see an example of a banner of an outdated non English page? Is there anyone or it is pending of creating the banner?
Thank you for your work!


I’m still working on it. :slight_smile:



Ok, the banner is done! It displayed automatically for all translation pages not having {{NewTerminology}} mark in their body.

Example: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Spline_Tool/ru

I think it’s ok to remove warning banner from the main page now.


Some translation pages have to be renamed. For example “Params Panel/ru” have to become “Parameters Panel/ru”. Only admins can do that.

Also, about the last two todo items here - http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Writer_Documentation#Projects

What does they exactly mean?




(1) : “howto manage in a community way the process of updating with new terminology the translated page”
— a ) in this direction i have created the termonology , termonology/fr … pages.
— b ) i am in contact with elisa @ fr.flossmanual to thinking about something (when more precise infos i will share)

(2) kind of recursive todo — i love the easter eggs concept… :wink:



In fact, I am seriously thinking of migration from mediawiki to booktype - sourcefabric.org/en/booktype/ ^___^

My suggestion is to remove those two last entries, since I’m considering our terminology rewrite initiative is over. The rest is on care of translators and it could span to endless process - we never can tell when those tasks could be marked as “done”.


So when will we have info about all the layers in the wiki?


are you joking ? … cause i like jokes.


Dear John Smith:
We, the development team, are aware about most of the complains that you are raising continuously on this board. We are used to see how people ask for new features or show up missing parts of the wiki. We can understand that, for the very first time, a new user comments the defects as first step to help us.
But what we can’t understand is that after one year of membership and 118 posts on the board, we haven’t seen any helping action from your side. See some examples of your posts:

John, this is annoying. Stop asking and start doing!



Its not like I am doing anything right?

No project to make ponies animatable in Synfig.
Not to mention the fact that it cost me a lot of money.

All I asked was to give basic information about what the all the layers do.Suggesting Kickstarter/Indiegogo wasn’t a bad idea was it?
I think it is necessary that there be a short description of each layer and parameter. There was a reason Nina Paley had problems with Synfig morevnaproject.org/2013/05/08/lg … #more-1996

I am on a tight budget right now.


Nop please, about 20pages are missing from screenshot… if this can encourage some valorous contributor…

Note : bigup & welcome to Saorsa user on the wiki …more than 10 000 bytes moved in less than 24hours !!


Ah, yes, sorry - I was meaning the text part. :slight_smile: The screenshot part is very important for sure! Thank you!



Thanks, merci, mais j’sais pas si c’est du bon français!


While going through the manual found there were still the term ducks being used in Artwork Construction Spine Tool.


Thanks for the report, fixed now.


And I decided to start to update Chinese documents now, the first task is to go through all translated pages and update them with new terminology, after that I will see if I still have motivation to translate the rest pages which not available in Chinese.