Terminology rewrite sprint


Ah, right. I have fixed that now.

I agree with Djay. Putting everything into (zip) archive is simplest solution.

No need to “advertise the reader” about anything, because we’re talking about SOURCE images for wiki illustration.

jottoprimo is my ex-student. He is out of the business right now. I plan to finish his work when I have time.


Hi DJay,

Thanks for your report and sorry for my delayed response, I am travelling the whole month.

The canvas icon on canvas panel is known issue during my work on term renaming. There are two concerns that make me let it as it was:

The new type_canvas_icon is following type icon style, symbol-ish and flat. We can not just use it as Canvas Browser Panel icon. instead, we have to design a canvas icon following tango guilde line as other panels. But when I got the signal from other developers that the Canvas Browser Panel will be merged into Library Panel. Then I come to my conclusion, don’t touch it at this renaming cycle.


I’m also kind of sorry to ReUp you :wink: Are you coming to Madrid, spreading synfig workshops and conference all the way from China ? What a great news !

Thank’s for the answer, precise and clear.

Enjoy & see(:ya


At gfx level, the walk example doens’t walk as expected : The outline of each part of the body is done with a “The [MIME]BLine” named layer. , but those layers seems to be not rendered at all. (Cause of a retro compatibility … ?)

I have tried to link an Outline (also advanced) layer to the Region layer segment list , without result (work with a Polygon layer, but result is little squarii)

Any idea to have walk.sifz (fully) compatible ?




Would you please to open a bug ticket to review it later?


synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/359



I’ve found the solution (and the cause to this bug) but I haven’t had time to push to master yet.
Simply add this to the at the modules/mod_geometry/main.cpp file:


+LAYER_ALIAS(Outline, “BLine”)

Reason: during terminology change, the layer alias “BLine” was replaced by “Spline” and that’s not a good idea to keep compatibility with old files.


Lesss than 30 pages left for the Terminology screenshot sprint… could be great to finish that task near 0.64.0 release !

oho> hope all is fine for you, a long time since you last passed here… (some sunny ray for oho also!)


Nota : see earlier in thread to get info about how to participate to this task


D.j.a.y, your work on the wiki is epic!


Great work!
Since 0.64.0 is released, I think it’s brilliant long-awaited moment to approve all manual pages. So we will have all the new terminology visible now.


Yep agree …
but better to wait for the package release… no? so in the release post, we can talk about the rewrited doc.

We need also to add a banner (or something similar) to prevent the outdated state (<0.64) of all doc but main/english …
Is it possible to add (script?) the banner/note/info/category/template … on each page individually? it could be even better

{{Category|NewTerminology}} should be wear off … no ?

Also i plan to prepare a little post on how to help rewrite the doc for the french community…



I have approved all pages now.

Now the question:
Are we going to keep the Approval mechanism or it’s better to disable it for now? Since we have no resource to moderate wiki now, I think it’s ok to disable it until we need it again…


Agree with deactivating moderation.
I think that without moderation (or with people involved to do a quick moderation), it’s more grateful for people wants to help in the wiki/doc.

Question: The non English docs are fully outdated now (terms + screenshot) how can we prevent readers ?
simple proposition : add a banner in wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Main_Page "Consequence of the Synfig Studio 0.64.0 terminology change(intra link) is a total wiki revolution. The English pages are updated, but the translations to other languages are still outdated. You can help rewriting them! (intra links : howto writers doc & howto fr/es/ru/…?. terminology change) "
Nota : fr/es/ru/ of “terminology change” must be done (i will do the french one)


I think we should rename some layers. wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Stroboscope_Layer
Frozen layer sounds better than Stroboscope Layer.
Another thing that should be done is to give a description of what each layer does. Some layers like this wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Noise_Distort_Layer don’t have one

Some things don’t have their parameters written like the Circle Tool wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Circle_Tool


Yes something like that would be good.



Go ahead john… you can do it , even if it’s in draft mode … copying & pasting the “style” from other layer/wiki/doc

If i remember, you already have an account there?

wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Terminology/fr updated



p2pu.org/en/courses/49/writing- … nd-beyond/
I will be learning to do wikis. By the the way why isn’t there a find and replace feature in the wiki similar to microsoft word?


I think that you don’t need to go so deeper in learning … wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Writer_Documentation is a good start to enhance the pages you cited.

mediawiki request :wink: . Until the day this feature is provided by mediawiki, you can do find and replace in the text editor of your choice

  1. copy paste from wiki to editor
  2. find and replace
  3. copy paste from editor to wiki
    being careful with plural and context for sure.



I was wondering can someone fill in the wiki what all the layers do? wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Layer
Most of them like this wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Inside_Out_Layer have no description and I have no idea what they do.


yes, the layers wiki page you ref to is outdated and there is another page under maintained is wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Category:Layers

we need to redirect to the unmaintained to new page.