Terminology rewrite sprint


Whooo… great initiative … that few people can achieve but certainly helpful for a lot !



shall we update this page accordingly ? (I know it is for developers mainly)

An additional question, what is Matrix type, is it a new ValueNode type in being developed recently?(sorry for mixed two different topics)


Matrix type is only used internally for bones. Not exposed directly to user, so it shouldn’t be there.
I guess it won’t hurt to use the terminology correctly in that page too.


Get it and the page is updated with new terminology.


Hi d.j.a.y

Would you please point out what is the theme and DE/WM you used for documentation screenshot? I need that for some chinese of screenshots for localization. I am sorry if you had posted in some where and just take your time to let me know.

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xfce b 4.10[/b] on “Greybird” theme/style + “elementary Xfce dark” icons url=https://forums.synfig.org/t/trying-to-build/139/1[/url], but also We have a definition for that already in the “Writer Documentation url=https://forums.synfig.org/t/missing-render-option-fixed/128/1[/url] …



Thanks for your share, it’s very good


Hello dear rewriters and screenshooters…

Warning, there is only 15 pages left for the Screenshot update sprint take end …
wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … ots_Update
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As a very new user, I thought I would mention some terms that threw me.

The term “carrot” for the small triangle was new to me. I would call it a triangle.

The whole issue of having two separate file menus, with different functions in them, is confusing itself. So, for terminology concerns, they need to be very apparent which of the file menus you are talking about. Perhaps the one under the triangle should be called the “Triangle/File” menu.

A new user, when they are ready to create a movie, would tend to search for FILE/SAVE AS. I realize that render is a more appropriate word, but perhaps the menu can say “Render/Save output”

I will mention that I still have not successfully saved a movie, despite several hours of work.



Welcome. Thanks for your input.

It’s caret, a term usually used for these kind of menus.
In development version, and coming stable, there is a menubar with the same content as the caret menu so it will be much less confusing in the future.

In almost all animation and film tools save is when you save your workfiles while render is the process of outputting film. Calling render save would add confusion to all people who work with film in one way or another and move Synfig away from professionalism.

I only work with image sequences, png mostly and renders these into film files from an edit or composition program.
There are several advantages to this. First you most likely will edit together all you scenes in an edit software or add effects in a comp software. You wouldn’t want to work with low quality compressed movie files then. Secondly, it’s safer to render to image sequences. If the render crashes you only need to rerender a portion of your scene and if you change a small part of the scene you only need to rerender the frames affected by this change.


I understand why those terms were used, and should remain. However, the one thing from my post that I would still recommend, is to be very clear about the two different file menus. An alternative approach would be to change the program so that both the Toolbox and Carrot file menus are the same.



Developers are working on that right now:

See the on going improvements here:

and here:



Hey, I’m new here and I’d like to help out. I’m a native english speaker (Canadian) and I’ve taken some university level english courses, but have no programming skills, so I figure documentation would be a good place to start contributing back. Where should I request an account for the wiki? There’s a link, but it has all this stuff about a biography etc and I don’t know if I need/want to fill all that in.


Wiki has auto registration system so you need to fill up the registration form.
Regarding to biography you could just fill up something like this: “Hi, I’m from Canada and want to use Synfig Studio to do animations”