Terminology rewrite sprint


You haven’t marked the page as assigned to you:

Again, read carefully the algorithm in the first post. And proceed step-by-step.

  • You need to mark the chosen page as assigned to you. Please edit the list of pending pages and add your username near the title, surrounded by “<” and “>” symbols. Example: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?t … ldid=16615

I don’t know how to do that? Can I get step by step instructions.


I think that the link example is self explanatory.

  1. Edit this page: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … erminology
  2. Write after Duck.


What do you think to keep Duck page and create a new Handle (not a rename) page.

And them give Duck page some revisions …
for exemple in this way :

for fun and historical reason…



It could be funny and would be a historical tribute to the ducks and their supporters.


I like the idea too. :slight_smile:


Should I upload hres photos ? :wink:

here they are:


We could create a page for all the previous terms which looks kinda like the first post of this forum except the ducks are click able and will lea to that page.



Have started rewrite “Following a BLine (the old way)” , this page is very outdated, so a have renamed it “(the very old way)” … and other minor change (rewrite the note to talk about terminology) …
Question : Maybe, we can just hide this page ? or does we keep it like that to just put traps in the doc and gently disturb synfig users ? :-0

Duck “fun+historical” page : Cool, did someone want to do it ? or , i can take the charge of this important task if this help the community … :wink:



I think it’s safe to delete this page now.


A page on the wiki that archives the old terms and out dated tutorials would be nice.


Just if someone is in need for this…
To start the english version (that we need for screen shots and writing the english doc)
Using Linux: start from a terminal:

LANG=C synfigstudio


Cool, we have reached little more than half of the pages rewrited, 215 -> 106 !



Rewriting Help Menu ,
I can’t found in Synfig (Revision: 20130205 Branch: master Revision ID: 16f01e) where the “Mouse Shortcuts” & “Keyboard Shortcuts” Menu entries have gone …

Any idea ?

Have a nice day & see(:ya!

Nota : in the rewrited page i have putted comment around missing entries


Since release 0.63.05 the entries on the Help menu are:


Frequent Asked Questions

Get Support




@John Smith:
are you going to continue editing the Duck page?
Since it is not marked as being edited and it is not finished, we should not leave it in that state… Specially that page! :confused:


When updating the pages to the new terminology and you find that the images are out of date (includes old terminology), should the images be re-uploaded with the new terminology or would we have a second sprint for images only?
Specifically this page is out of date:


Great work, Djay!

I think this will be another sprint. I am also thinking out some way to standartize the screenshots taking process, but it’s kind of long-term goal…


78 to go! \o/