Terminology rewrite sprint


70 :slight_smile: … less than 1/3 left to edit


I am rewriting “convert”

Genete wrote : Two new convert types and its reverse manipulations (zelgadis). Ready to be included.
Can i have exact info to put them ?
or maybe zelgadis, you want to do it ?


Nota : Convert is a such long page ! … maybe can be fractured ?
i did’t said fracked ! :open_mouth:


I think that we should stick to just do the rewrite terminology sprint. There are lots of missing parts in the wiki so those two convert types should be fixed in a regular wiki update session.

Regarding to Convert wiki page length, yes, it can be split into each convert type, but it is, itself, a huge task.


Convert page
Oupŝ, i reach some wiki’s limit ,
‘’‘Warning:’’’ This page contains too many expensive parser function calls.
It should have less than 100 calls, there are now 256 calls.
…adding more and more literal’s because i like them,
i’ts stronger than me,
i put them everywhere …
when i have found the template and syntax page,
it was another life for me…i hope you understand :wink:



Yes, it looks like “Convert” page should be split into many pages…

But we can’t use subpages - in the form of “Convert/Add”, “Convert/Tan”, etc. Because subpages are reserved for the languages (i.e. we have Convert/fr, Convert/es, etc).

So, maybe the good solution will be to add a separate namespace for the convert types. So the page names will look like: “Convert:Add”, “Convert:Tan”, etc. The same way like we have “Doc:Getting Started” and other tutorial pages separated.

Of course it’s better to do that after the terminology sprint will be finished. Meanwhile I’m fixing the math formulas rendering…



This goes to G., I guess:

we need to rename the standard (generated) names for the layers as well, they still read “New BLine…” with the developer snapshot I downloaded lately.

I think those terms are not part of the translation files as well, right? Can we change that as well?

Cheers, Oho.


I have added the wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints … erminology
and i will remove/rewrite it in a couple …



Possibly you need to remove/rename the settings file from your computer because it holds the previous default name of the new layers (“NewBLine”) for the Spline Tool. Once done it should use the new string “NewSpline”. And yes it wasn’t translatable.

Fixed that missing translatable string and the rest of BLines around.
github.com/synfig/synfig/commit … 0ed5dd88ad



works. thx. … and thx as well for making it translatable


Thanks for reports and fixes.
The packages are updated: http://download.tuxfamily.org/synfig/packages/binaries/
Please reinstall.


The Terminology Rewrite Sprint has finished!

Congratulations to all contributors!

Which would be the next step? :unamused:





something about update the screenshots ?
Outdate all the non english doc ?
Wait Zeld instructions ?
Take some time before Zeld’ instructions … :wink: !


Edit : wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Ducks is ‘waiting’ for some image’s permission… but is also rewrited.




  1. do the translations (I guess changes needed there as well)
  2. assign date to release of software and doc.
  3. We then need to approve all the changed wiki pages on that date…
    To Z.: or is it possible to do that with a batch job in the wiki instead of by hand?
  4. do the wiki/doc translations



Hey, good work everyone! Especially the Genete and Djay! Awesome!

About the next steps.
While we still preparing the new release, I guess we still have a time to update the screenshots. My suggestion is to use the same workflow as we did for terminology rewrite.

The list of pages is here - http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Sprints/2013-02-19_Screenshots_Update
The images should be updated as advised by Genete:

After the Image_name_0.63.06.png is uploaded, make sure to replace the image in the page text.

Should I post a detailed instructions in the separate topic?

Also I need to write a blog post on the main page announcing the sprint is over…

Yes, the interface translation is already can be done at transifex - transifex.net/projects/p/synfig/

IIRC, there is a “Approve all” script that is possible to run…

Yes, the doc translations should be done AFTER the release (after all the pages will get approved). I will put a special mark which will indicate if translated page is updated for new terminology or not. Of course I cannot forbid you to start updating the translations already, just don’t forget to add {{Category:NewTerminology}} to updated pages. :slight_smile: That will allow to avoid mess of identifying the non-updated pages after release.


I want to add one extra advice there:

When the image implies some object on the canvas window or a particular group of layers or whatever shown in the image that implies to run Synfig Studio and elaborate some document to show it, please, add the file document (sifz) to the wiki too.

This way when the interface changes again (I hope it does!) we can do the update it in a click.

This is specially important for the tutorials because it would allow us to re-check that the tutorial still working after some core modification is done that might break the result. Partially elaborated documents would be fine too to help following the tutorial.

Later, we can think on add those tutorials in a separated repository (docs and sifz files) for off line navigation, but that’s other story.


Hummm, regarding the tons of characters we dig into , i’m not sure that’s a good idea to automate the “approve” step, I think it’s better to have some quad eyes check .

Not sure about a new post , but to be sure instructions are visible if someelse read what happen in this theard, i would like to add :
If you want to help to the “Screenshots_Update” don’t forget to install/use Synfig last devellopment version and do it as double advised by Genete (renaming + sifz)



I agree, but do we have human resources for that? maybe it would be more effecient to approve everything and then let the readers to fix mistakes? :slight_smile:

I think new thread + new announcement would be fine.
And of course I totallu agree about Genete advice on sifz uploading.

At the moment we also have all screenshots looking different (different theme/environment/colors/etc). This is OK for now.
But in the future I think maybe we can prepare a special Virtual Machine tuned for screenshot purposes… So everyone can download, run it and do screenshots in the same style/resolution/standard. Also, yes, we can provide a source repository for screenshots… And we can have things like automatic uploading there… And some other things can be automated…
Of course, ( considering the heap of tasks we have now) it’s too complex to do that now. But just a thought for the future.


In fact all my screenshots would come from a virtual machine. I can setup one and share the vdi file (I use VirtualBox) for the rest.

But which Desktop Manager?
Gnome Shell
Xfce << My vote



same here, with default window decor and adwaita gtk theme(I like the scrollbar size :slight_smile: )