Terminology rewrite sprint

In fact all my screenshots would come from a virtual machine. I can setup one and share the vdi file (I use VirtualBox) for the rest.

But which Desktop Manager?
Gnome Shell
Xfce << My vote


same here, with default window decor and adwaita gtk theme(I like the scrollbar size :slight_smile: )

I do not really like the idea to have unified screenshots …
i understand why it’s interesting, but … :

  1. i like {desktop} diversity
  2. if all screenshots come from linux, what would think win and mac users? maybe “humm, another geek/not friendship software i can’t use’” ?
  3. choose a window manager is quite nothing, what about the theme ? :wink:
  4. less people would produce screenshots, or,
    4bis) in 1year we will have differents WM config by users contribution …

If you still want (try to) unify screenshots after that,
i can search more extravagant arguments ! :open_mouth:


but, take a look at those un-unified screeshots in current documentation, what is your impression?
Ugly and Unprofessional :blush:

We have a definition for that already in the “Writer Documentation” (wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Meta:ScreenShots)

That might be outdated:
Using Ubuntu w/ Unity I cannot change to Clearlooks/Tango anymore (at least I don’t know how to).

I still like to keep it close to that “blue-ish” idea, as the “Synfig corporate identity color” is blue (see logo, website).

At least for the core doc developers we can use a standard environment (VM), that is okay and I agree that it would be looking more professional…

If ever possible (pics with just one window) I would prefer to remove the window decoration, so very little OS specifics to see at all.
That is in the writer Documentation as well.

That’s the ugly ones i want to keep, cause i have experiences in ugly theming. :unamused:

…Anyway, for sure, the unuseful ones are not useful,
and has oho said, we have the current doc specification /// editable spec’ also :slight_smile: /// that’s a good idea to follow that when it’s supportable !

Also : We need to keep in mind that Unity/MacOs top of the screen Menu can make some troubles.

Synfig Sourceforge Download Stat Per Os During Last Year Fev12->Fev13 [1]

  • Win : 73,4%
  • Linux : 13%
  • Mac : 7,6%
  • Unknown : 12,223
  • Android : 635
  • BSD : 108
  • Solaris : 4 !


Have added words there --> wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Writer_Documentation
(in progress) 2013 - Terminology rewrite sprint

Terminology step (done) of original (English) doc.
Screenshot Update step (in progress)
Approve terminology change step (todo)
Update the translations step (todo) 

Yes, VirtualBox is the best. :slight_smile:

I’m getting biased to KDE. Because KDE have a feature to force/remember windows position and this is configurable (and very easy).
Remembering window position is very important so we will have everything in its place.

If KDE looks too heavy for you, then it’s ok to get some simpler environment, but remembered/configurable window position is a HARD requirement.
Because in the future I considering to bring automatization into screenshot-taking process, using the tool like Sikuli (http://www.sikuli.org/). So we can have screenshot-taking process automatized by scripts/bots.

Of course, that require solid desktop environment/theme which doesn’t tend to change. That’s also why it’s important to choose a distro with a long lifecycle. Debian is the best candidate I think.

The wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Dev:Types is outdated , has it’s a dev page i prefer let a no human person someone from dev’ team do it.

I do get this since more than a week when I try to start the german translation page at transifex with both firefox and chrome…

any help?

EDIT: If I choose to use the “old editor” it works fine…

Cheers, Oho.


German Translations @ Transifex at 100% for synfig & synfigstudio.

14 pages done with screenshots … enough for today. Good night!

Edit: made it 20 while watching the Oscar / academy awards on TV. :slight_smile:

Great work Oho! Thanks!

Another advice when you update the screenshots :

You can bust old wiki syntax {{ }}, have more control on positioning the image and give some visual unity of the image by adding a border (frame)

Example : [[Image:Bounding-box_0.63.06.png|frame|left]] instead of {{l|Image:Bounding-box.png}}

Edit few hours later
Want to add about the ‘none’ placement in place of {center|right|left}, more infos at wikimedia/doc
End Edit few hours later

(will put that on wiki/writer/screenshot if yep)


Yes, good advice. We really don’t need to use {{}} syntax for images. We got the {{ }} symbols due to the work of automatic replace script.

D’nt try to find xcuse of the bad wiki / config you have done <!:stuck_out_tongue:

Have done a few ( Doc:Guides‎ / Doc:Following a Spline‎ / Doc:Adding Layers‎ / Palette Editor Panel ),
—>Nota: “Sorry” for unification, it’s xfce on “Greybird” theme/style + “elementary Xfce dark” icons
Have removed some “Nothing todo” entries from the list ,


Hey guys!
I’m not collaborating on this second stage for new terminology because I’m busy coding :slight_smile:
I’m putting hand on the canvas renderer to use Cairo. Navigator is already done.

Hi G., no problem, you should take care of the things we cannot help with…! Great to hear about Cairo progress.
BTW, while you dig into the code, can you please have a look at the icon for the stroboscope layer? seems like there is no unique one for this, just a general layer icon, right? And… please add the icon for rectangle tool to the wiki resources, I cannot find the current version there, used another one (shaded, bit close to gradient icon). If I do screenshots the icons are of lower resolution which doesn’t look very nice in doc.

Thx. OHo.

Hi, Oho. Rectangle icon is here, in the source - https://github.com/synfig/synfig/tree/master/synfig-studio/images (see tool_rectangle_icon.sif file).

Request about Stroboscope Layer icon should be passed to Yu Chen aka Jcome.