Synfig's slow?

At first, I thought it was just plant layers that are slow (read), but it seems that it has problems rendering scenes that are relatively simple (few regions with blending methods and feathering to shadow things smoothly and some outlines) is slow as well. Maybe not as slow like that plant scene (345 seconds, lol), but it still takes about 20-25 seconds to render. There seems to be no kind of memory leak and CPU usage is 10% at best. Tried both software and cairo renderer. Software is (obviously) even slower (didn’t measure specific time) and somewhat fail to blend properly (Cairo does it well).

My computer specs:

Core2Quad Q9450
4GB ram
Geforce 9600GT
Windows 7 x64

I’m using devbuild 0.65.0 (build date 17 June 2014), branch mlt as regular “stable” Synfig is unusable for me due to resizing freeze (this version also pops warning about this bug, but it’s not so bad as I don’t feel like I need to resize canvas).

I have the same problem, using the same build.