Synfig will be presented at RMLL 2014


Montpellier (France) will host from 05 to 11th of July the 15th RMLL an annual Free Software meeting. I’m glad to inform you that i will do for that occasion a Synfig Studio short 20minutes conference - and maybe print some stickers :slight_smile:

I still does’nt have the exact planning, i will update this post as soon as i have more precise informations.


Good luck!


Some ideas of stickers :

EDIT : for sure if you have an idea, please share it … or i will be obliged to represent Synfig (so “you” the synfig’s community) with those quick things i did. I’m kind of more productive in coding synfig that using it :slight_smile:

(from nice synfig intro by Ahmed!)


I can send you a pile of the flyers we did. Mail me your post address.

Good luck!


thnk’s for the proposals !


The beer is good at RMLL n°15, but i will be allright for my talk tomorrow 14/07/10 at 10:10 am (local french time)


Good luck!


Good luck!
Don’t forgete to show us pictures from the event afterwards.


All rmll talks has been recorded … and will be available soon… at


“This live stream is currently not available.” :frowning:


Hop, the rmll 2014 synfig presentation video is online …


Fantastic! I’m glad to see you in action! d.j.a.y. is free! :smiley:


Nice presentation. My french is a bit rusty, but did I hear you say at the end concerning the export from sif to svg that you just met a guy that is still working on that?


not exactly working on it, but the fact we met us could make the work restart… :slight_smile: