Synfig Development and me

Hello, firstly I want to say that Synfig is an awesome program and I see it’s potential, which is why I’m looking to make it apart of my workflow fulltime. I’m an animator, character designer, 3d modeller, animator and teacher. I want to contribute to Synfigs development whether through artwork, splashscreen, icons etc… or adding to the code base as i’m also a semi-retired computer scientist.

Also, i’ve seen a design comp. for the splash screen somewhere here on the forum, I don’t know if anything has been done re. using the winners artwork but I think think there should be new artwork for each release, similar to blender 3D Splash screen. That said looking forward to help and excited for where Synfig’s development will be in the next few years.


I agree it’s cool to have a new artwork at each stable release, as Blender and LibreOffice do.
I guess the problem is manpower :slight_smile:

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Synfig studio, is available in the 3 platforms
Windows, Mac, Linux

(I use it on Linux)
And as for Blender, we can make “Donations”.

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I love the idea. If you do splash screen artwork - this will be awesome!

So, what about a small competition for it? Or a call for proposals?
For next stable release 1.4.1.


That would be nice. I’ve seen where there was a competition all the way back in 2013: Synfig 0.64.0 splash screen contest!! so having one for the next release or proposing some concepts would be really good. By the way, I think the next version will be 1.5, and not 1.4.1 I think. I could be wrong though.

Splash screen dimensions are 300px by 400px just for those who don’t know but would like to try their hand at taking part :smiley:

No, it’ll be 1.4.1. Synfig adopts the Semantic Versioning.
It’ll be basically crash and other bug fixes, with minor improvements.

As with some other software, Synfig reserves Odd-number for development releases. That was a pretty popular strategy, now less software use it.

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ok, yep that makes sense.