Synfig 0.64.0 splash screen contest!!

This is Kashey Besmertniy main character from Morevna Projekt. (732 KB)

According to the rules:

Your file seems to depend on it. Can you rework the text and make it a path?

Also, the file depends on external images. Please remove reference image layers from the file.

Here is my contribution. It’s simple, but I found it appealing. I used the logo from the website. The font can be anything really.

Looks like there are plenty of other great options, but I figured it can’t hurt to have one more choice!

SplashContest.sifz (1.83 KB)

Hello, Genet! I make number 0.64.0 in vektor and delete import files. (409 KB)

Hello, :slight_smile:
Here is my entry:

Finally, it’s perhaps not a good splashscreen, the picture is too complex with too small elements. But never mind, it’s too late - I’ve made it, I post it ! :wink:
splash0640.sifz (102 KB)

and again…another nice one … !
a lot of different & beautiful entries !!!

!!?g??? -->i did’nt saw a post announcing the contest is closed :wink: ///


I like it, it is for my taste.


I do not know how the time zone. Here in Brazil are still 23:21.

I’m posting my proposed splash.

The idea was to represent a team and the stages of an animation.
The first table represents the sketches, storyboard ideas. So is the character with a pencil and has some scratches on the bottom.
The second part is the vectorization and artwork, so it is with a digital pen and has a background in the vector.
The third is the part of the animation, giving life to the characters. Put a woman, because I know you have many who enjoy the area. I also used a mouse, for Synfig not limited to use only tablets.

The idea is that subsequent Synfig is for everyone, as well as all Open-Source software. So I tried to vary the style of the characters.

Subsequently, these characters can be used in other areas in the site or perhaps an animated promotional Synfig. I wish I had done this animation along with the splash, but my short this time.

That’s it, I hope the issue does not hinder the timezone, rs.


Weder Clay
Synfig 0.64.0 Splash Screen.sifz (189 KB)
Synfig 0.64.0 Splash Screen.png

Weder! Really good idea as the concept and I also like the general composition of text, logo and artwork.

Hi Weder,
can you correct “Sinfig” to “Synfig”?


Sorry for the misunderstanding. That lack of attention!


Weder Clay
Synfig 0.64.0 Splash Screen.png
Synfig 0.64.0 Splash Screen.sifz (187 KB)

Thanks for the compliment, Zelgadis.

Still have some tweaks that could be made. For example, if you lower a bit the logo, the central character and composition appears best gets better. I like to go improving the layouts that I do, but I sent this art released very short notice.

Look at this picture I am sending now. I think it looks better. These are details that must be detailed slowly and calmly.
Synfig 0.64.0 Splash Screen 02.png

Ok, so time to announce the winner!
First of all i would like to thank you all for participate in the splash contest. All the entries have been very nice.
I’ve have difficulties to choose one winner because there were more than one that deserves to be the winner. it is possible that you don’t agree with my selection but consider this as my reward for my contributions to the improvements of Synfig Studio.

Also I would like to mention that we keep the right to use any of the entries for future releases, so not being selected this time, doesn’t mean to be discarded completely.

So here I go!

The winner is … solkap with his robot!

solkap, congratulations! Please provide a svg file with the letters of 0.64.0 and the font file if needed to be possible to increase the version number in further releases.


I agree mine was better, but anyway, Long life the the solkap robot! until 0.65 :slight_smile:

Congratulations solkap. Indeed, his art was very impressive.
I leave open the staff of Synfig that need some kind of artistic support, I am available. Is collaborating with new art, animations or helping in website design or advertising campaigns.

Congratulations on your campaign and hope that others will.


Weder Clay

Thanks Weder Clay, we count with you.

Congratz to the winner Solkap! All entries show that Synfig is not only a great animation tool but also a fine and dandy vector drawing piece of marveliciousness! :smiley:

Congrats, Nikolai! Holy sheeit, that art deserves to be the winner! :smiley:

Congrats to the winner for a very professional looking splash :wink:

Many of these needed a place where we could “thumbs up” or “plus 1” the entries… Great work by all the contestants!