Synfig 0.62.01 Release schedule

I’m hope I can follow this schedule :wink:. If I don’t, please be patience.

  1. New features/patches code freeze: April 21st. Release candidate #1
  2. Calling for translators: April 21st - May 7th
  3. End of Splash Screen contest: April 30th
  4. Splash screen voting pool: May 1st to 7th.
  5. If needed Release candidate #2: May 7th
  6. Official Release: May 7th to 14th

Maybe I can compress it a bit if needed.
In the mean time I would fix some known bugs and include code for new icons.
Suggestions, help and backing is welcome :mrgreen:


great news, thanks Genete (and others) for these efforts.

i guess #4 is May.
if you spot missing icons i’d be glad to try to help, as with french translation or ergonomy issues, if needed.


Thanks for the typo find.
Regarding to icons maybe you can make a personal selection from the thread where are the new icons posted. I planned to pick up from there what I like, unless someone prepare a pool to do a community decision. :wink:
For translation, please wait until I release the first candidate. You0ll have about two weeks to update it.

Is there a list of new features available or any pre-release notes? Would help for testing and submitting to news sites.

Non exhaustive:

  1. Improved Windows stability (single thread renderer).
  2. Improved SVG import.
  3. New Transoform tool (scale, rotate translate all in one tool).
  4. Pallete response now to mouse middle button click for outline color.
  5. Italian translation.
  6. New icons.
  7. Fix annoying bug of extended settings detection.
  8. Other minor features and bug fixing.

I’m aware that some bugs still missing. They will be reviewed for thenext release.

sounds good to me, then the next release will be 0.63 or is premature to talk about that? taking apart windows improvements, italian translation and new icons, are these little bugfixes in the develpment snapshot packages you recently uploaded for linux?

Yes, and some other still pending. Minor ones.

Another potential complication - my work PC, which is the only one with a working Windows build environment at the moment, is scheduled to by upgraded to Win7 sometime in the next 2-4 weeks :exclamation: I’ll keep tap dancing and tell them it’s needed for a mission critical deliverable until release. It’s true, right?

Is there any possibility to port the configuration to other computer? Can you delay the upgrade just after the release?
Anyway it would be good to have the proper environment in your home i7 machine

Oh yes! definitely true!

That’s exactly what I’m trying. I have an environment that appears to compile correctly, but the finished install doesn’t run - the modules won’t load. I’m slowly working my way through trying to identify any differences between my laptop and home system.

Release candidate #1 is uploaded:

Sorry for the weak RC. I’ve got enough time to bump the internal tags of the candidate or create a dummy splash.
Please use it to test the building in your system and detect any remaining nasty bug.

For the translators:
Please follow the translation directions here:
How to grab the source code for translation here: (git)
and send patches as soon as possible: … tid=757418

As the release schedule is a bit delayed I would update it once the splash screen challenge has finished.

Thanks for all your contribution!!!

As genete discovered a while back, there’s a somewhat nasty bug that prevents deleting a canvas from memory after you close a document. I accidentally introduced it when changing the normal tool into a transform tool. :blush:

I still haven’t gotten around to fixing it, but I imagine that the way to do this properly is to rewrite the state machine code (part of ETL). So yes, this might delay the release a little… sorry about that. But it needs to be fixed; and I think reverting the tool changes I made is the wrong way to go unless we’re on an extra-tight schedule. The good news is that any changes should have very little affect on translations or any other component besides the tools.

nikitakit: don’t worry :slight_smile: the good new is that the bug is tied up. I’m sure all we will find a fix for it.

Wow… it was a quick fix. It’s fine for now unless Synfig Studio suddenly starts segfaulting. The code remains a bit messy, but I’ll get around to that sometime later.

Are we doing an ETL release this time? I don’t seem to recall any part of ETL being modified since the last release.

The perfect distraction after the exams are finished. I hope it comes soon (fingers crossed for May 10th).

Good luck with it.

I’ve installed the RC on Lucid 64bit, it works nice!
SVG import is much better than before.

And nice to see all the new layer icons in it :wink: !

Please try to reproduce the panels mangling issue. Run synfigstudio from a terminal. Quit it. Run it again. Several times and it messes up the panels positions…


What exactly is the panels mangling issue? I’m running a dev build on lucid 32bit, but everything is fine (see screenshots).

nikitakit - the compressed zero height dialogs in the dock on the right hand side in your second screen shot are the ones concerning me.