Suggestion for relocating the color palette box

Hi, I have another suggestion.
What do you think about the color palette being an extra tab in the color selection dialog?
She is being pretty useless in her current location.
With that, when the color selection dialog box is much easier to assign the color to the selected element.
and also create a button to add the configured color to the color palette in the other tabs.
With this, Synfig Studio will be more user friendly and productive.

The current dialog should be replaced: it uses a widget (i.e.,GUI element) that is deprecated by our GUI toolkit (Gtk) : that last tab.
Besides, that deprecated widget gets in the way to prevent some issues like:

I was trying to get some info about how the new dialog should be. However, it depends so much on user tastes…

Moving the color palette box within a color dialog box to its own tab is agreeable for user-friendliness but however, as @rodolforg pointed out color UI/UX preference varies depending on user taste there’ll be definitely some users lamenting that color palette should be front and visible always and not hidden within a dialog. For instance, in this video Youtuber Vn Ch utilizes color palette a lot instead of the color toolbox. Professional artists like him chooses a distinct color from the palette first and adjust its HSV later (which is our color dialog box).