Asking opinions for a new Color Editor dialog

Ok. Due to annoying bug of history pollution (and because I don’t like the current dialog layout too), I decided to revamp the Color Editor, mainly to fix the mentioned issue.
However, I can’t decide how the new layout would be lol.

I made some research on Internet about some layout and UX, and here are some of highlights:

  • What color representations should we use?

    • RGB
    • YUV (Luma is cool, but it may lead to some ‘impossible’ RGB)
    • HSV / HSB
    • HSL
  • The GUI

    • Color sliders
      1. Show all color components sliders at once (first example below)
      2. User selects one color component slider at a time (third example below)
      3. No Sliders
    • Color Wheel (1st and 2nd pictures) or plane (third picture) or none?
      • For HSV only?
      • For HSL only?
      • For YUV only?
      • According to user selection? (4th picture)?
      • None?

Opinions please XD

First style:

Second style:

Third style:



For Color Wheel - the 4th looks simplistic without icons or tabs but just the widgets. Looks like this dialog has both color wheel and slider accessible for all choices.

I vote for the 4th screenshot for The GUI.

For color representations, sadly, I’m not knowledgeable enough to offer my opinions on this.

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first one looks amazing and if it could be dockable then it’ll be awesome. It can replace the palette panel as well.

Not impossible, of course, but I think it’s too big to be dockable without taking important space.

image What about this one? This is GIMP’s color editor.

You mean this tab or use several tabs?

This tab uses (H)SV plane.

Btw I think you cropped the right side of window? Mine is different and has sliders too. And the ugly magenta for invalid values…
Captura de tela de 2021-04-08 02-31-36

In my gimp the color dialog shows like that only. I didn’t crop.
Well, the main thing is if the color dialog would be docked to the synfig ui, it could reduce the number of clicks required to change the color of layers.

This is blenders color picker and i like it as its very simple

  • What color representations should we use?
  • The GUI
    • Color sliders
      • User selects one color component slider at a time (third example below)
    • Color Wheel (1st and 2nd pictures) or plane (third picture) or none?
      • I use color wheel a lot. Also, I like the one we have currently (same available in Krita ^__^) -

So you like the triangle?

what about this one? This one looks nice too.

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Yes, triangle is much better to use from my experience. :slight_smile:

I prefer the plane/square. Others here seems to like the color circle.
Oh my. So difficult XD

Let’s do both and add an option to select the preferred one :wink:
(I am always in favor in letting the choice)

And how we let user choose it?

Krita has multiple choices already.

Oh the programming hell. lol

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Just some thoughts about the topic:

Color wheel
I like the color triangle as well, feels very intuitive (also because it reminds me of Inkscape which I used a lot) and makes the process of finding the right color very quick.

Color sliders
Showing everything is cool but makes the interface quite messy.
What I’m thinking here is that usually (at least for my use case) if I want to use a color representation I won’t be interested in having displayed other representations and their sliders. Maybe showing all the sliders of the currently selected representation could be a good design? So let’s say RGB is selected then only RGB values and sliders are shown, then if HEX is selected only its values and sliders are shown etc.

Just out of curiosity, any problem with the plane/rectangle/square when comparing with the triangle? @KonstantinDmitriev @FirasH and others :slight_smile:

I think it’s more intuitive for shadowing than by using triangle.

I prefer the triangle because I’ve used it and felt like it’s the simplest solution for the job.

I cannot really give you a specific answer, it’s just a matter of habit.