Stickman for 4 legged creatures

I was wondering if a version of stickman could be made for 4 legged creatures such as this

Fixed Versions.
Rainbow Dash
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie

Zip File

All ponies have been vectored .Enjoy using them in Synfig.

like zat ?

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Even if a horse is 4 legged this one doesn’t show more than 2. And it doesn’t say it uses the stickman template either so I think John Smiths question is fully valid…

To that question, yes I think it should be possible to alter the template for 4-legged creatures.

oupsss…sorry john … -336896481
Here is a model sheet I commisoned.SVG files included.
New and improved model sheet with SVG files included.

i’m impatient to see them relaxing in a long chair drinking a sangaree, a cigar into the mouth.

THe final version hopefully will come in January. Though expect a version with the eyes fixed this month. If anyone can create a stickman to rig them that would be awesome.

New and Improved version
The SVG files are not 100 percent okay expect them to be fixed.
So close to completition.All I need now is a stickman for 4 legged creatures.

Here is a preview of the fixed version
AJ and Twi’s marks are courtesy of ~aruigus808 - … -309853910 .
All three are under Creative Commons Attribution license.

Fixed Pinkie Pie,Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash here

I think they can now be used in animations. New and improved version coming hopefully before next week.

Just move some things in the stickman to make it look like a 4 legged.
The animation that you are mentioning in your first post does not use the stickman template.

Fixed apple jack V.1 with layers and everything
Waiting for the other 5 to be fixed.
I think it can be used in animations. Just convert the SVG to SIF.
Has anyone tried modifying the stickman template to animate it?

Rainbow Dash DOne

Twilight DOne

3 more to go.

I was wondering if Zegaldis could a special character template for 4 legged creatures … templates/

The final 3 are coming soon.

Can anyone make a 3Q front walk cycle with the special character template when its is released like this … -334923660
Currently there are 3 ponies you can use AppleJack,Twilight and RainBow.
You would only have to rig one character and then you could use thath walk cycle rig on all the other characters. Also if some one does this cn they relese the rig under Creative Commons CC0 aka Creative Commons Public Domain License.

I was wondering since the character template is released … -released/
Will it now be possible to make a Character Template for 4 legged creatures using the fixed versions.

We now have FlutterShy

We have some progress

All ponies have been vectored .Enjoy using them in Synfig.

Now with Zip file
Lets see what they are used for.