Spider Project - Templates for Synfig Studio

SPiDER (Synfig Package Is an Extender) is a utility package for Synfig Studio. The beginning we are developing a package templates of objects and effects to be used in scenes created in Synfig Studio. List of what we are creating: – Effects: Explosion, dense smoke, cigar smoke, fire, energy ball, atmospheric effects and an animated sea. Look at templates demo:


Our goal is to release the templates in November this year by github. We spend considerable time in produce them and so we are asking for a small donation to motivate ourselves to continue the project.
If you like this, please visit Quadro-Chave Opensource and make your contribution !

Very cool project. Do you have in mind to create effects on demand? It could be a good option for those who want to pay but for custom content.

Great idea, can’t wait for it!
Please consider a version with english labels on the layers (or even better: add multi-language support to layers descriptions in Synfig :wink: )

I had a similar wish some time ago and thought about a template-based approach to ease the semi-automated generation of multiple objects… could that kind of thing be supported by your approach? let me put it in a story: I want to develop a music video scene, where the lyrics of the song are animated in the video, one sentence at a time.

  1. I’d develop a standard “group” of synfig layers with text and effect layers to match the typical lyrics layout I’d want (ie: the template, see attached sif file)
  2. I’d have an input text file wilth all sentences in the song (say in a csv, json or excel format), along with some parameter value that I want changed for each of them (color code, timing, twirl distortion angle, zoom, origin…), see attached csv file.
  3. I’d do a right-click on my template group and select “duplicate with parameters” (or some better name) and select the input data file
  4. synfig would duplicate the standard group for each entry of my data file, changing each given parameter accordingly (text, color,…)

I could see use in this system in animations where many nearly-similar layers are needed, when a more programmatic “duplicate” approach is not fit, and manual fine-tuning would be too time consuming. More examples? fireworks, forest, crowd of people, set of color pencils, book library,… you name it.

Attached is an example synfig scene with a “template” group to be duplicated in such a way, and a possible “data” file in csv format (use OpenOffice to view it, ao)… where I used the relative XPath of the parameters to be updated as headers, or the key of the exported node… but many other approaches are possible (and hopefully more user-friendly).

If you are interested in such a thing let me know! … and if you want me to help make it happen along with your SPIDER project let me know too!

Good luck anyway with your library of components!
template test.sif (4.29 KB)
template test.csv (590 Bytes)

Yes, we love the ideia to create effects on demand . Make your donation and suggesting a effect !!
We intend to create a poll with suggestions too. What you think ?
Now we are finishing one more effect: cigar smoke. We are producing a music video (will be open and licenced by Creative Commons :smiley: ) with synfig studio and what we develop, we 'll sharing to community

First, thanks for your donation !! :smiley: :smiley:
Yes, We should consider the multi-language support to layers !
We are reading your suggestion and we’ll study your scene. Soon we back here to have a chat. Many thanks for your interest and participation !!

So we perceived that in your example would be for a more specific use for synchronizing audio with graphics elements, right (with cvs file correct)?
The idea of Spider is create models of scenes that can be easily be modified with own controls of synfig studio as batch selection with a single click to modify a base image responsible for composing the effect through a layer group.Pperhaps adapting templates to create a plugin, and integrating the interface, as for example in gimp with “foundry fx”
But if wants suggestion for your objective, we are here for help. We can help in test scenes or perhaps some ideias for reading and manipulate files
Thanks again !!

Hi quadrochave.
What’s the status on this project? On a very similar topic could you please have a look & comment on Interest for a generic template (layer generation) engine? ?
wish you the best! B.