Special Fx series : Kinetic text trial


this is a kinetic text trial with synfig … not especially beautiful in terms of design…it is more a test to explore synfig capacities.

Warning : You must use software render ! Cairo render (as 0.64.1 & 0.65.dev) do not support at all the composition (report 565)
kinetic.sifz (28.4 KB)

Somehow the render artifacts look cool! :slight_smile:


Bad news: I try to open the file kinetic.sifz with sinfyg 0.65 2014-01-20 and Synfig stop functioning.Even if I go to setup and unchek both Cairo options in Render. Maybe it’s my machine?: proccesor AMD64 Phenom II 1.60 GHZ, and video chip ATI Raedon.

can you try starting synfigstudio from a terminal and copy here the output ?

Maybe was my mistake?.. I was sure of unchecking the render options.

  • In Windows terminal, when unchecked the cairo options, the file runs ok
  • Opened directly from windows menu, and unchecked the cairo options, the file runs ok
  • When checked the options, Synfig stops working, but you already knows that. I attach the mesages.
    msjs.txt (10.8 KB)

Djay, I love to see you do more kinetic typography.