[Solved] Help, I goofed. I accidentally removed bars

I just opened Synfig, and already I goofed. I accidentally removed the menu bar and the tool kit. I don’t know how to restore it back. I’m thinking of quitting. It’s too overwhelming for me. And why is there a big checkerboard in the middle?


Take a look here: How do I get the menubar top back?

The checkerboard that you see is the area where you actually place your graphics or drawings etc.

If you want to get started you can check the wiki here:

Not all the pages are up to date but if you read a couple of tutorials you should be able to understand the logic behind Synfig.

At the beginning it might seem impossible but if you take some time everything will add up.

Hope I’ve been helpful.

Thank you. I really don’t know how to put drawings on that screen. I’ll read the wiki. Is that where I go to get help?


Yes. You can always ask here too :slight_smile: