How do I get the menubar top back?

I don’t know what I clicked on but it disappeared and I can’t figure out how to get it back.

Hi, Happy New Year and welcome here :slight_smile:

You can’t take it back, you are doomed :confused:
But if you are ready to send :heavy_dollar_sign:1000 by Western Union, we can hire an african sorcerer who will sacrifice a :chicken: and summon spirits for you to take it back :ghost::skull::scream:

Don’t worry there is a simple solution before to destroy your computer :wink:

  • Click anywhere to activate the window
  • Press Ctrl-N to open a new animation tab
  • Right-click in the Workarea to make appear the context menu
  • Activate the menu through View/Show Menubar

That’s it!
You spared $1000 (and the life of a chicken)