Sif Import Problem!!!


I use inkscape to draw vector graphics, I tried to import sif files many times but they don’t look the same as the original SVG’s, they became so bad, words are not enough to describe what i mean so let’s see these pics of an original vector I downloaded and how it looks as an SIF file to understand:

Original .SVG VS .SIF File

Is there any solution please?

Thank you

Hi and welcome here,

please check the forums, this is a common issue [Import .sif-file)
You can use the search box with “svg import” keywords :wink:

Inkscape does not export all of its features into sif format. That is why you just get a basic banana shape. Two solutions: make your drawings in Synfig which I recommend if you plan to do vector animation or export your svg to png.

Thank you guys for your quick responses,

Have a nice day.