share sif / sifz files online

Hello, I am a (newbie) user of synfig and I wonder if there is a site where we can share some reusable animations or examples (such as for svg clipart) . BTW, is reusing animations possible and advisable? I found a tutorial on this, but found it quite complex. If does not exist and it is useful, does any would be interested in creating one? I would like to help on this too!

Thanks to all!

At the moment I am working on a bunch of free distributable characters based on my library of poses framework stated in the link below. They are basically simple pre-rigged cut-out animation characters that come with a ready made library of hands, mouths and eyes that are easily switched using the framework. I am also working on a simple character template based on the same principle that allows the creation of simple characters by changing their heads, body postures, props and so on, but since I am using the convert types within Synfig as my programming tool, setting up a working giu within the program takes most of the work, lol.

[url]Library of poses]