Scooby Doo and the Mystery of the Dead Guy (Flash)

Just finished this hope you like it,



This is very nice. however was this done in synfig?

No, it’s done with Flash (Non-Synfig section, should be renamed Jali’s section)…
And don’t expect an answer from him.
He is in Write-Only mode :stuck_out_tongue:
You could try on his Youtube channel maybe…

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I see, I know there are a few memes created in synfig recently and some old projects of 1-2 minutes also made with synfig. In my opinion I think if members could volunteer to create an entire project (whose assets could then be made available online) It could really be a good thing. I am aware some projects of long ago were made, however there needs to be a community of individuals who are willing to keep issueing some animation projects ( leave alone memes and logos). I would gladly participate in whatever way I could.

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