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Hello together,
I recently created an animation for my app with “Synfig Studio”.
Since I program in LibGDX I also use the program “Texture Packer” of LibGDX. For all those who do not know this program packs all the images to a large picture.
“Texture Packer” can actually pack the images according to the order of the picture as they are in the folder.
The problem is that “Texture Packer” only when the endings look something like this:
“NAME_0.png, NAME_1.png, NAME_2.png, …”.

But “Synfig Studio” regulates this way:
“NAME_0.0000.png, NAME_0.0001.png, NAME_0.0002.png”.

The program “Texture Packer” of LibGDX can not recognize this unfortunately.
Is there a way to save with the other numbering?
Hope for helpful answers!

Bye UbuLin :smiley:

I don’t really understand what is the difference - the dot vs underscore, leading zeros? Anyway, i don’t know a way to change this in synfig (except for source editing, of course) and i think it’s more of a problem with your packer, so i’d recommend filing bug there or something. But if there really is no way to change the behaviour of either program, you can always use a simple script or a batch file renamer to rename your files.

as you seem to be under Linux, something like this would do the job

for FILE in NAME_0.*.png; do
  mv $FILE `echo $FILE | sed -e 's:^NAME_0\.0:NAME_:'`;
mv NAME_.png NAME_0.png

Thanks to both. I have now made it with nem bash script and it works perfectly.
Thank you
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Bye UbuLin :smiley:

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