Rendering while dragging shapes

I want shapes to be rendered directly at time when I am dragging them. Now I can only move anchor point of shape and only after dropping it, shape is rendered. It is inconvinient, because I want see where to drop.

I did not found any setting to activate such mode. Is it possible to do it?

depending the composition of the scene and the position of the shape in the layer hierarchy, it would mean to render constantly the full workarea.
It would need a lot of calculation power (think about all the blending/transformations and so on).

Hi, BobSynfig.
Can you tell which conditions should I apply?
Lets say I want just drag a single star shape. I have created a solid layer and plased it behind star. Now when I am picking and move star shape, it is not rendering constantly. I am just able to watch how two circles (inner and outer radiuses) are moved. And only after I release mouse button, then star is drawn on new position.
How I can change such behavior?

Ok, you just need the “outline” of the shape during move.
When you create a star, you can create several layers: the star itself, its outline an even a star region.
They are associated by their center.
Moving the star layer itself will make appear only the 2 circles like you said.
Selecting the Star Outline layer and moving it wil make appear the “shape” of the star during the move.
It can be the same color as the star itself.
Enjoy :smiley:

Yes, thanks for that tip.
But do you know, maybe it is possible to fill body of this shape with color? So whan I am dragging it, I could see not only shape, but the end composition.

Drawing just the “shape” with the handles is just an overlay, on the top of all the layers, without to touch anything under.
It doesn’t cost anything, no calculation is done.
But if you move your shape in a layer placed in the middle of the stack of layers, you will have (at least) to recompose every layer above this one, at anytime you will move even of a single pixel.
It would be ok for a few layers in your scene, but when you have a few hundreds you will be able to go and take a coffee before the workarea to be refreshed :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want more accurate placement with visualisation of the “shape” in the composition, you can still move pixel by pixel with the keyboard, it will refresh the scene everytime.

Oh yeah, thank you. Moving star with keyboard do this work.
Of cource I understand that real-time rendering will cost something. But I wish I could do that if I need. My composition now consists of only that star and a solid background.
Maybe we should provide a checkbox somewhere to allow user to choose if he wants to constantly rendering?
Really, in After Effects you can do this without any trouble.