Redesign of Synfig Website


Great job! What else can I say?


Wouldn’t that also be a place to put the demo that’s on youtube, and combine it with pics of the ui? i just kind of thought that would be nice, in video form on the frontpage for people to see and help them decide if they want it

Edit: also mingw setup guide needs to be updated for windows, if you look at they’ve updated it since the guide shown on this site, i’ll be sure when i set it up on my computer to make sure it works properly…i probably need to still download everything but msys since it’s included in the installer. But the others may still need to be downloaded as i see no proof that they are included. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I just put mixed RSS on the main page. It will show all site updates, including new gallery items (when it will be finished).

I agree. We discussed that in this thread earlier - viewtopic.php?p=8975#p8975
In short: If someone will provide the content, me willing to implement it. :slight_smile:


Ah, yes! Sorry, I was supposed to be providing a series of banner-style screenshots similar to those at Autodesk/Lightwave, but got carried by the deluge of writing and work (and upcoming eProject). I’ll get em done pronto.

Also, could you guys let me know what prominent features of Synfig to highlight? I’ll make appropriate screenshots and banners based on it.


-Path based gradients.
-Great distortion filters (spherize, noise, etc.).
-Link to BLine feature.
-Linkable value nodes system.
-Real space and time resolution independence.
-Keyframes (poses) system.



You can use


Still liking the new site and all the work that went into it. After using it for a few days now, I do have one nitpick: I don’t like that the Documentation and Forums links open in a new tab/window. I’d rather decide that on my own. It’s a little thing, but I thought I’d mention it.



It will open in the same window when the theme integration is done.


Why not have a video on the home page that’s a combination of screenshots of features and the demo reel?


Fixed that. Now you can click on the image on the frontpage. ^___^


How does this style look? If ya don’t like it, I’ll try making a better style and carry on for other contents.

Nevermind, here’s a better one.


Hi, tushantin

I think that text should be separated from the main screenshot elements. I.e., if we showing layers - then show the layers only, without other UI parts, because it’s distracts the attention. Also check the background for text - please make sure to follow cgeneral site color theme. It’s better to use same colors as on the “Download” button -

Also, check how it will fit the main page layout.

Maybe we should keep the layout of the main page - image on the right + text on the left. Add heading to each portion of text. (“Layers” - in your example). And maybe some links at the bottom to each portion.



Thanks, Zelgadis! I’ll take a look pronto.

Also, we’ve already got a “features” page for Synfig so we don’t need to repeat the same thing at the front page, so thought about restructuring my idea. The “features” slide-banner was to let people know what they can do with Synfig, but instead of handing technicality, why not simply “tell em what they can do with it”? :smiley:

Example, just like how Autodesk handles it: “Synfig’s resolution independences gives animators an edge in production. Work with minimum resources and produce maximum quality.” Or even, “Customized interpolation methods and complex shape in-betweening are all handled by Synfig, allowing you to work intuitively and productively.” Or even, “With Synfig you can drill to the heavens. Tenga Toppa gurren Lagann!!”

Okay that last part was just me being crazy. :laughing: But you get my point. I’ll try making some content pronto Problem is my eProject’s about to start in a couple of days.


Yes, you right. Using exactly the same text as on Features page is not good idea - it needs to be rephrased to be understandable for end user. As well as Introduction page on the wiki. But following Features/Introduction pages as starting point, as outline is good.

I think the starting point should be text - what you want to tell the user. After that - screenshot. Last steps - their combination with effects.


New gallery is launched:


Its been a while since I last visited. >.< The new site looks nice. Thumbs up!


I’m looking for editors who are volunteer to contribute on the new website (

The proposed positions:

  1. Write a blog posts about important news about Synfig
  2. Proofread the existing content (my English is bad ^__^" )

Please contact me here if you are willing to.
Thank you!


As commented on the IRC logs - the download link requires a log in, but I don’t think it needs to, or shouldn’t anyway.


My mistake. Fixed. Thank you. ^___^